Homeschooling from your bookshelves? It's possible come see how!.

Well I'm all for frugal!
Most of us homeschoolers have enough materials on hand to educate a small
This summer go through your bookshelves and make 3 piles:


Throw Away Pile: The first pile is just plain old junk, stuff that is used up, scribbled on, torn up etc. Get RID OF IT!! Including that workbook you bought on Ebay that smells like nasty musty YUCK!!

Keep Pile: This is stuff that you can use, organize it by subject, I like to buy those magazine holders from the Dollar Tree or use cereal boxes with the top and side cut out. They are very durable if you put some clear packing tape on the bottom of them. I use these for booklets, workbooks and things like that. I put subjects on those and on free days, I will tell our son to go and pick out an activity and spend an hour working on it. It makes learning fun because he can pick what he wants to do. Jot down what you have and later on in the summer when you really start planning out the coming school year you can see what you have to work with.

The sell/giveaway/trade pile is for stuff that is still usable, but you don't need it anymore. In years past I have gathered up enough stuff to sell that I was able to buy some goodies at the homeschool convention that I might not have otherwise been able to afford. The giveaway items are things that are still in usable condition that you can bless another homeschool family with.

By looking through what you have, you can make a plan of action for your coming school year. I am betting that everyone has at least 1 full subject that they can teach this next school year without having to buy a thing. Take some time and get digging around, see what you can find to

Post on here to let us know what you find!

Hear ye, Hear ye: 20 Questions & The Homeschool Planning Meeting.

Summer has flown by and we are almost ready for a brand new school year. Tomorrow will be our annual Homeschool Planning Meeting. We are entering Senior year and I have some pretty cool stuff planned out. The Homeschooled Young Man has some thinking to do, we ask that he bring his ideas to the table in writing. Things that I have on the agenda...

1. What will be our core courses?
2. What will we use for those core courses?
3. What extras will we add in to round it all out?
4. What will be done as full year courses and what will be done as semester courses?
5. Field trip ideas?
6. Will we attend homeschool convention this year?
7. What life/social skills will we work on this year?
8. What volunteering will we be involved in?
9. What medical training/skills/shadowing will he be involved in?
10. Will he be a part of again this year?
11. What classes outside the home will he take?
12. What are some things that he would like to learn?
13. What sort of employment will he take part in?
14. What 4-H projects will mesh with our schooling this year?
15. What scholarships is he interested in applying for?
16. Will there be standardized testing this year? SAT? ACT?
17. What colleges will we visit?
18. What materials do we have on hand that we can use instead of buying more stuff.
19. What church related activities will we take part in?
20. What worked and did not work last school year?

I am sure that more will come up as we chat around the kitchen table. But this is what homeschooling is all about. Yes, some homeschoolers have a set of state standards that they must abide by, but there is so much more to homeschooling that those standards. We as homeschoolers can focus on so much more right along side school work. So many more rich life changing experiences that we can afford our children.


College Days Are Coming FAST!!

This is right where we are, hard to believe that we are almost done homeschooling, with just one year left to go. I came across Michelle's blog not too long ago and have been reading it. She has some wonderful heartfelt insight on sending your child off to college. The article is called getting your teen ready for college and it is well worth the read.

Once I catch my breath, it's been a wild ride and busy time with college visits, applications, essays and fun stuff like that! We enjoyed our last homeschool convention and were so blessed to spend that time learning from college guidance counselor talks. It was also a melancholy time of reflecting on the years gone by and a sad but inexpensive time of shopping the vendor hall. It was sad to look at all the new curriculums out there, yet have no need to buy anything. Of course I bought myself some

We are embarking on some exciting uncharted territory for us with some interesting twists and turns along the way. But as the Homeschooled Young Man always tells me "God's got this." or "The Lord always takes care of us, don't worry." Got to love that little guy (well a big guy now!), who is now taller than me. And it's become Even the little old ladies that live with my Mom are noticing it. Too cute!

Enjoy these new times and find the blessings and hugs along the way.


Gluten Free Grilled Rosemary Pork Chops

Just in time for grilling! Gluten Free Grilled Rosemary Pork Chops recipe can be found over at the Whole Food Mom on a Budget blog. She has lots of yummy looking recipes, not all are gluten free, but most could be easily adapted with a few small changes.

We don't have the grill ready to go so I think I will make these on the stove. YUM!

Gluten free, Dairy free, Corn free hamburger bun recipe...let the grilling begin!

YUMMY Gluten Free, Corn Free and Dairy Free hamburger bun recipe from the Gluten Free Homemaker hamburger buns. They look mighty fine! Head on over and check out the recipe on Linda's blog. They are pretty easy to make too.

These are my go to hamburger buns when we grill out. Mine don't look as good as Linda's from the Gluten Free Homemaker, but they taste GREAT. Let me know if you try them and what you think of them.
Read her comments section, someone mentions freezing them for later use and also using a premixed flour blend.

Summer School Or No School?

What do you do in your homeschool for summer?

I remember the fun times of summer school at my public high school. We did not have air conditioning in our summer home when I was growing up. Though the house was on the lake and had wonderful breezes blowing through pretty much all the time. It sure was nice to be in that air conditioned school on really hot and humid days. Summer school was a time to reconnect with friends, enjoy getting to know school teachers better, since they were more relaxed and not so rushed. As well as a time for getting classes out of the way.

If you mention summer school to most teens today, they totally freak out and can't imagine enjoying it or they correlate it with earning grades of F's. A big plus with homeschooling is that we are instilling a love of learning in our child, it's not a chore, learning is a wonderful part of life.

Our summer school this year looks like this. We have a combination of Advanced Math, Advanced Chemistry (through a paid Fellowship working on Cancer research in a Chemistry lab) and Advanced Biology are all going on right now. Subjects that the Homeschooling Young Man finds fascinating and enjoyable are a great fit for summer school.

He has signed up for Community College courses for the fall.

Along the way he has been teaching kids robotics and chemistry camps, volunteering, job shadowing free reading, Lego building and finishing up 4-H County Fair projects.

In addition to summer schooling we will be working on life skills as usual, taking a trip or two and enjoying the shade of the patio and sun on the deck.

So what are your plans for summer?


Freshen Up Your Homeschool Today With!

Those muggy days of summer are upon us! Does your homeschool need freshened up?

One of my favorite homeschool sites is The School House Teachers website. For one low prices you get preschool-12 grade, classes, videos, lesson plans, fun stuff like guitar lessons, art techniques for the lower grades. And tough stuff like biology and algebra for the upper grades. Try a month for free using the coupon code TRIAL (all caps). Then just pay $12.95 each month after.

I have been a member of Schoolhouse Teachers for several years and there is always something new! There are classes that your student can take and they even explain how to give credits for high school for the upper level classes. If you hop around in your homeschool like many of us do, there are archived lesson plans, so no need to be tied down to the computer each day.
Don't just veg out!! Do something fun in your homeschool today!
Something that I have liked about Schoolhouse Teachers website is that I have always felt comfortable letting the homeschooled young man freely surf their website. He has actually learned a lot just by goofing around on the site during his free time. Remember the cool think about homeschooling is that our kids learn even when they are having fun! They just don't know that they are learning, because it's fun!

What are you waiting for? Shake things up and freshen up that homeschool of yours!


p.s. The guitar lessons have been GREAT for the Homeschooled Young Man.