Homeschool Rooms & Homeschool Spaces

I love to look at other home educator’s schoolrooms to get ideas for our school space.
This one is from Ikea and very COOL! You can see more pictures on Confessions of a homeschooler blog at

Look how neat and orderly this is. WOW!!

Now, I will post a picture of our humble little home school area,
we use workboxes.

The Adoptive Mom Homeschooling An Only Child's version of the Workboxes, decorated using my Circut machine (love that thing!) and the Locker Talk cartridge. My Circut is my must have homeschool tool.

Using stacking drawers/bins from Hobby Lobby bought using my 40% off coupon of course!

Above is my built-in workbox from our home remodel. This space was two large windows in our dining room. Our contractor thought I was crazy when I ask him to do this, until he saw how many books we had! lol. Once he finished it and I had all the books and the drawers up there, he was pretty impressed by my idea.

This is our DREAM schoolroom! hahaha.. Yes, it is a dream, especially since our homeschooling days are numbered, might be something for a Veteran Homeschool Mom to enjoy.

I could not leave out my favorite home education sign that hangs in my dining room, the homeschool room. It’s from my friend and fellow homeschooling mom Sue. She gave it to me for Christmas a few years back, as she knows I love snowmen and I like to keep them up year round. I just love this! lol.

Moreover, yes, for those of you that don't homeschool or are new to the concept, we do take snow days off here and there. However, most often the subject matter or the conversations are just too exciting to stop for a snow day. Nevertheless, if the public school kids are outside playing or if they come knock on our front door, we do head outside for some playtime.

Homeschooling Saves Tax Dollars

A mom in your neighborhood is preparing lessons to teach her children. In the minute it takes you to read this, moms all over the USA are using their "freedoms" and investing their own money in their child's literacy, prosperity, and future. This mom does this because she knows government run schools are not working anymore. She is saving millions in tax dollars by homeschooling her child.

Pray for a homeschool mom, love on a homeschool mom, and appreciate a homeschool mom!

I love this sign!!

Hear ye, Hear ye: 20 Questions & The Homeschool Planning Meeting.

Summer has flown by and we are almost ready for a brand new school year. Tomorrow will be our annual Homeschool Planning Meeting. We are entering senior year and I have some pretty cool stuff planned out. The Homeschooled Young Man has some thinking to do, we ask that he bring his ideas to the table in writing. Things that I have on the agenda...

1. What will be our core courses?

2. What will we use for those core courses?

3. What extras will we add in to round it all out?

4. What will be done as full year courses and what will be done as semester courses?

5. Field trip ideas?

6. Will we attend homeschool convention this year?

7. What life/social skills will we work on this year?

8. What volunteering will we be involved in?

9. What medical training/skills/shadowing will he be involved in?

10. Will he be a part of again this year?

11. What classes outside the home will he take?

12. What are some things that he would like to learn?

13. What sort of employment will he take part in?

14. What 4-H projects will mesh with our schooling this year?

15. What scholarships will he be applying for?

16. Will there be standardized testing this year? SAT? ACT? ASVAB?

17. What colleges will we visit?

18. What materials do we have on hand that we can use instead of buying more stuff.

19. What church related activities will we take part in?

20. What worked and did not work last school year?

I am sure that more will come up as we chat around the kitchen table. However, this is what homeschooling is all about. Yes, some homeschoolers have a set of state standards that they must abide by, but there is so much more to homeschooling that those standards. We as homeschoolers can focus on so much more right alongside schoolwork. So many more rich life changing experiences that we can afford our children.


Will It Be The Big Yellow Bus or Homeschooling??

A while back, I was with the Homeschooled Young Man at a Civil War Re-Enactment that he was acting in and my cell phone rang. It was one of my doctors calling me with a report. Of course, it was VERY loud on my end with all excitement that goes on with a re-enactment. The doctor asked me where I was and I explained we had taken the day off from school to participate in the re-enactment. Doctor looks out his office window and he can see the general area that we are in and he says "Wow, your son gets to do the coolest things!"

As parents, we can all offer up cool opportunities for our children to experience, but it's so much easier to just put them on that big yellow bus and let someone else handle it all.

Are you considering home education for your child this coming school year? It is not too late, even if you have already registered them for the big yellow school bus. You can do it!! Let me know how I can help you.


Homeschooling from your bookshelves? It's possible come see how!.

Time to get ready for the new school year!!! Unless you school year round like us.
Well I'm all for frugal!
Most of us homeschoolers have enough materials on hand to educate a small
This summer go through your bookshelves and make 3 piles:


Throw Away Pile: The first pile is just plain old junk, stuff that is used up, scribbled on, torn up etc. Get RID OF IT!! Including that workbook you bought on Ebay that smells like nasty musty YUCK!!

Keep Pile: This is stuff that you can use, organize it by subject, I like to buy magazine holders from the Dollar Tree or use cereal boxes with the top and side cut out and some cute wrapping paper to cover them. They are very durable if you put some clear packing tape on the bottoms. Use these for booklets, workbooks and things like that. Put subjects on them and on free days or Mom is sick days, tell our son to go and pick out an activity and spend an hour working on it. It makes learning fun because he can pick what he wants to do. Jot down what you have and later on in the summer when you really start planning out the coming school year you can see what you have to work with.

The sell/giveaway/trade pile is for stuff that is still usable, but you don't need it anymore or it did not work for your child. I have gathered up enough stuff to sell that I was able to buy some new goodies at the homeschool convention that I might not have otherwise been able to afford. The giveaway items are things that are still in usable condition that you can bless another homeschool family with. PaperBackSwap is another great way to get rid of books you no longer need. Check them out to see how they work. Or read my blog post on how it works.

By looking through what you have, you can make a plan of action for your coming school year. I am betting that everyone has at least 1 full subject that they can teach this next school year without having to buy a thing. Take some time and get digging around, see what you can find to

Post on here to let us know what you find!

Popular Blog Posts...Finger Pointer Thingy...

I am really surprised that this is one the most popular blog post!! It's very near and dear to my heart, but I was thinking that most people stopped by (over 100,000 of you!) to get the yummy recipes! But I guess I’m wrong. Here is on of the most popular blog post.


 With the Homeschooled Young Man going into his junior year of high school in the fall, I've been doing a lot of reflecting and thinking back on our homeschool years.

We have been downsizing our homeschool materials for an upcoming used curriculum sale and it has brought back some fond memories of days gone by.

Just today as I was sitting in my rocking chair, a chair that holds many fond memories (our church nursery was remodeled and they bought brand new rocking chairs and gave away the old ones. They were delivered to my house and what a blessing it was to sit down in one, pick up the phone and call my out of state friend and say "Guess what I am doing? I am sitting in one of the rocking chairs that we both rocked our babies in!" It was a precious moment, remembering those days, for her 19 and 16 years ago, for me, just 15 years ago.

Ok, rabbit trail here; back to the title of this blog post Poking Fun In The

Finger Pointer Thingy
My son walked up to me this morning and poked me in the side with that finger pointer thingy. I am very ticklish and I was just giggling like a schoolgirl as he kept poking me with it. The more I laughed the more he poked. I was not so much giggling at the tickling as I was at not having seen that finger pointer thingy in a very long time! He came across it as he was digging through his closet the other day.

I remember the day I bought that Finger Pointy Thingy, we were at a Scholastic Book Fair sale and I was buying my teaching supplies, like a real teacher don't ya know? Hahaha, it was one of our first years of homeschooling, ya know the one where you have the Homeschool Momma jean dress on. Actually, I wore a cute denim apron that my Mom decorated up with buttons that had pencils, a school bell, books, and cute stuff like that sewn on. Watch out, we had the student desk, a decorated classroom, my student wrote with feet flat on the floor for penmanship, pets were banished from the schoolroom until school was over. Ya, you're gettin' it now! lol. Yes, I was one of those 8:20am-3:00pm homeschoolers in the beginning. We even had school colors and a school mascot, we were Home of the Pugs!

I had big plans for that Finger Pointer Thingy, it was going to keep my boy's eyes focused on the board, it was going to keep him engaged, and it was going to force information into his little brain! I was going to fill that bucket (child) up as full as I could with information that he could spit out on a test!! You bet ya! He was going to learn!

Long about October of that same year, the Homeschooled Young Man asked if he could do his history on the couch with the dog, I told him as long as he got his work done. Then next thing you know he was under the kitchen table (his all-time favorite place) on the floor with the dog doing science. A short time later, he discovered fort making with sheets, blankets, and kitchen chairs to study in. These shenanigans nearly ended our homeschool career before it really got off the ground when Homeschool Dad saw what was going on. Because you know, homeschooling dad's think that learning can only be done in a straight backed chair, a desk and feet flat on the floor.

Over time I sold the desk, took off my cute denim apron (I still have it), took down the classroom decorations and started HOME SCHOOLING. That is school at home, or better known in the teenage years as car schooling since we live in the middle of nowhere and I am driving the Homeschooled Young Man back and forth to job shadowing, 4-H, hospitals, doctor's offices, the medical school, and volunteering. We just pack up the schoolbooks, pile into the car and off we go! His chemistry book seems to be intriguing to many doctors and starts up some interesting conversations with them. They have shown him apps that they still have on their phones for the Periodic Table and chat with him about their own struggles in O Chem.

After attending my first homeschool conference, I also realized that teaching is not simply filling a bucket with information that can be spit out on to a test. That one really rang my bell.

My homeschool d├ęcor has also changed; I have cute laminated quotes and pictures all around our homeschool bookshelves. They perk me up on a long day and get me through the tough times.

The picture below is from I've had it for years on my refrigerator and no matter how bad my day is, I can look at it and just laugh, I don't know why it makes me feel happy, but it is just so funny!

You can see how our homeschool has evolved over time, changed and morphed into something wonderful and unique to our family, now do you see why I was giggling so hard when being poked with the Finger Pointer Thingy? It is amazing how a little Finger Pointy Thingy can bring back so many memories.

College Days Are Coming FAST!!

This is right where we are, hard to believe that we are almost done homeschooling, with just one year left to go. I came across Michelle's blog not too long ago and have been reading it. She has some wonderful heartfelt insight on sending your child off to college. The article is called getting your teen ready for college and it is well worth the read.

Once I catch my breath, it's been a wild ride and busy time with college visits, applications, essays and fun stuff like that! We enjoyed our last homeschool convention and were so blessed to spend that time learning from college guidance counselor talks. It was also a melancholy time of reflecting on the years gone by and a sad but inexpensive time of shopping the vendor hall. It was sad to look at all the new curriculums out there, yet have no need to buy anything. Of course I bought myself some

We are embarking on some exciting uncharted territory for us with some interesting twists and turns along the way. But as the Homeschooled Young Man always tells me "God's got this." or "The Lord always takes care of us, don't worry." Got to love that little guy (well a big guy now!), who is now taller than me. And it's become Even the little old ladies that live with my Mom are noticing it. Too cute!

Enjoy these new times and find the blessings and hugs along the way.