Gluten Free & Weight Gain?

I found this interesting article from Schar and thought my gluten free readers would like it.
Have you gained weight since you started eating gluten free? Click here to find out why.

Yes I have! Well, at first I lost 20# in less than two weeks and totally freaked out my doctor. That was almost 4 years ago, since I have gained 30# eating gluten free.

I have to agree with the article, I think I eat a lot differently now than I did when I first went GF. At first I had no idea what I could eat, so I stuck with plain meats, veggies and fruits. Then as the years went by I started adding in gluten free convenience foods, pre-packaged foods.
Moe's Pizzeria
Yep, you guessed it gluten free PROCESSED FOODS have been a down fall for me. The article from Schar really spoke to me. I have done Weight Watchers in the past and I pretty much can tell you the Points Plus value of foods, well the other day I got out my Points Calculator and started figuring up points for my gluten free foods. HELLOOO!! Major wake up call. My favorite go to Udi's pizza crust, sauce, cheese, pepperoni and green olive pizza was 24 points!! And I was still hungry after eating it. YOZZAA that is like a full day of points right then and there. My favorite GF blueberry muffin 8 points!

I'm starting to see where my 30# came about! I never looked at the carbohydrates of foods until this article and I am a bit shocked. The carbs in a slice of wheat filled white bread is much lower than a slice of gluten free white bread. The Points Plus value is higher too and the gluten free bread slice is tiny!

This week I am embarking on eating less processed and more meat/veggies/fruits. I had some $$ left on a gift card from Amazon and I bought a cool little gadget to makes veggies more fun...hahaha, if that were truly possible. It shipped yesterday, I will try it out and report back to you.

How about it? Have you gained or lost weight being gluten free?


p.s. This blog post contains a number of references to products, I have not received any compensation for these product mentions.

Announcing the MOST POPULAR BLOG POST of 2014!!!

Gluten Free McDonalds Iced Cheese Danish Recipe. Yep there you have it folks...the MOST POPULAR BLOG POST of 2014!!!

Anyone ever remember eating a McDonalds Iced Cheese Danish back before going gluten free? Those were my favorite with a nice hot steaming cup of coffee! Which would then turn into running to the bathroom for the next 2 hours, terrible stomach cramps and bloating. Well fast forward to today and see how this recipe was born. I had posted this recipe gluten-free homemade culvers butter burgers buns and as I was thawing out the buns and eating them one by one through out the month, I thought, hhhhmmmm something tastes familiar here. Well I came across a recipe for cheese danish that was made with gluten ingredients. I toyed with the idea of making a gluten free danish, and thoughts of the McDonalds Iced Cheese Danish began to dance in my head! lol.

So here is what I came up with...

Make this recipe with me...bake a batch of the above recipe from my link, using milk (whatever kind you want, not the water, I like the water ones with hamburgers and milk ones with the danish recipe).
After the buns cool, slice them in half to separate the top and bottom bun. Then whip up this recipe...

2 8-ounce packages cream cheese (dairy, light, non-dairy)
1 cup sugar (try fake sweetener if you like that instead)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 egg

1/2 cup powdered sugar (I used corn free)
2 Tablespoons milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350* degrees and grease a 9x9 or 9x13 inch baking pan (depends on how many you make). Beat the cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, and egg together until smooth. Place buns cut side up in the baking pan and spoon on the filling. Bake for 20-35 minutes until the top is golden brown. Top with glaze after cooling for 20 minutes. These are great frozen too. I placed them in sandwich baggies and have eaten them frozen for breakfast. Using soy milk 2 danish (equal to a full bun-2 halves) is 6 WW points. YUM!

Not burned, but caramelized, oh, these were mighty fine!
These were so good! They may not be as pretty as the ones from McDonalds, but my family loved I made them some special ones just for them. I took whole wheat bread, buttered it, sprinkled it with sugar and then added on some of the filling, baked it just like above and added glaze after they cooled. BIG HIT!!

2014 RUNNER UP for the top blog post

Homeschooling Websites To Kick Off The New School Year

Kicking off the new school year with some of my favorite homeschool websites!!!
Some are oldies but goodies and some are ones you may have never seen before. Come get encouraged about the new year! These are in no certain order, just some different sites that I really enjoy and get a lot of help from. I also have these listed in a SAFE folder for the Homeschooled Young Man. So when he has his computer time he can click on any of these sites and freely peruse them. Please let me know if any of the links are bad and I will see about fixing them.
Happy schooling!
Homeschooling boys
LOVE this site! I entered in an entire year of spelling words and each week he uses this site to learn them. There is a ‘teach’, ‘play’ and ‘test’ area. He loves this site.
Make your own comics, this is a great tool for creative thinking
Thanksgiving ideas
Math games
Tests grade school through high school
Math games
Word scramble and puzzle makers
Math & grammar games
Math games
Keepers of the Faith
Christianity Today home school info
Lots of neat stuff here for Bible believing homeschoolers & Bible studies & character studies
Worksheets for different grades
Great ideas for state notebooks
Bob Jones University kids website
The Imperfect Homeschooler (great encouragement)
Workbox system-we use this system and LOVE IT!
Neat Christian science/nature programs
home school resource library
Let’s play math
Lessons plans using Legos
Lego site
Lots of printable lessons
I don’t use Sonlight curriculum, but the website offers up lots of great info on home schooling, books and has book lists by grades. I enjoy the emails they send too.
Lots of printables home school area of above website
Math games & printables
New Tribes Mission kids website
Info and printables
Arts & crafts
Lesson plans
Resources for Christian teachers
home school info
Physical science
Free resources
Coloring pages & resources from National Geographic
Neat stuff
Pacific Garden Mission-great place to take a field trip.
Good info & printables
Neat free stuff
Homeschool articles
Homeschool programs
Math curriculum & games
Evangelism tools for kids & fun stuff
Homeschool Classifieds
This is a funny home school blog a few great articles & links to home school websites
Timeline helps
Frugal website (sometimes has home school content, but otherwise about saving money with kids & being frugal.
Interesting home school blog
Science homeschooling
Socialization of homeschoolers
home schooling forms to print
Candy science experiments
Geography worksheets
Neighborhood Bible Time kids site
Lego building projects
Homemade Homeschoolers

Most Popular Posts of 2014

It's so humbling to see that there really are people reading my little old blog!

I am so thankful for those that contact me through my blog, those lost in the throws of starting gluten free eating or starting homeschooling. It's been such a blessing to be able to share with my readers the trek that I have been making.

The homeschooled young man is enjoying a nice following on his blog. He is learning that you must carve out time to work a blog and that content does not always come easily.


2015 Time For A Change

Mixing things up on the Adoptive Mom Homeschooling An Only Child blog. Let me know what you think. I am trying a few different looks to see what goes over well.

Things have been crazy around here, my husband was injured at work and has been recovering at home. We have had some fun eating out of the pantry to save on groceries.
Learn to eat from your pantry to save post coming soon!
Homeschooling updates and some other goodies coming your way in the new year! What is working in your homeschool? What are you tossing out? Changing things up this semester?

I also have a prayer request for one of readers, Deb, she is also homeschooling an only child...who is going off to college this year!! YEAH!! Please pray for her family as her Dad passed away this week.

How is your New Year going? I am praising the Lord for the wonderful sunshine that He is giving us this winter. It's wondeful to sit in my sunroom and work on my blog.

We are going to change the look of things from the dreary winter blog look to a fresh new look.

Let me know what you think!


Special Holiday Goodies From Shutterfly Just For You!

Shutterfly has prints, photo gifts, holiday cards & more. Special Holiday Goodies From Shutterfly Just For You! Click on the link and see what they have to offer.

As a new user when you sign up you get 101 FREE 4x6 prints or a FREE photo magnet, your choice. Offer expires December 28, 2014. By clicking one of the links in this blog post and signing up as a new Shutterfly customer, I can earn 25 FREE prints too! What a deal for both of us!!

I always buy my personalized Christmas cards from Shutterfly. They have an easy to use website, awesome deals, I also do Google searches for Shutterfly coupon codes.

This year the Homeschooled Young Man had his own cards made and he was able to use a free card and a 10 free cards coupons.

In years past I have gotten personalized calendars, coffee mugs and keychains for grandparent gifts. Always a hit!

When you sign up with Shutterfly you will get lots of goodies.


How To Get Your Boys To Write In 2 Easy Steps

Got boys that don't like to write? Reluctant writers? Boys with writers block? Guess what? I have found an awesome easy fix! In just 2 easy manageable steps you too can have a writer on your hands.

STEP 1: Ok, homeschool Mamma secret #1 is is one way to get boys to write? Get them interested in BINGO! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP! Lego, Star Wars, hunting, fishing, running etc. What do your boys like to do?

STEP 2: Give them a safe platform to find their nitch in writing. The answer? BLOGGING!

I am pretty excited and a bit nervous as my little Homeschooled Young Man steps out into the world and begins his blogging journey. You can check him out over at The Brick Boy's Tips, Tricks And Reviews blog.

He plans to chat with other boys and teens about Lego's, making airplane models and creating 4-H projects. He is pretty excited about starting this blog. He won't be making any money on the blog (I think he thought he would make, guess you have to be 18 to be able to have ads on your blog. Which is a great safety feature over at The Brick Boy's Tips, Tricks And Reviews blog. No worries over nasty ads appearing on the pages.

He is hoping to do some product reviews from companies, but has not done any work on that yet, so he is just buying the items himself and reviewing them.

I hope that you will feel free to pass his blog on to any young boys and teens that would enjoy what the Homeschooled Young Man is offering on his blog. Most of you are already familiar with his writing that he has done when he contributed to The Old Schoolhouse Magazines' product review. Also as readers you know our content will be safe for young readers. Also all comments are on moderation. He is also looking for guest bloggers, so contact him through his blog if you have a boy interested in WRITING (hahaha-insert sarcastic laughing), you can check out their grammar & spelling skills in their blog post.

Boy, am I getting pretty savvy or what at this homeschooling stuff-hahaha, wish I was this calm and laid back in the very beginning. Back when I first began homeschooling I would have never thought about blogging as being a writing, spelling or grammar assignment. I would have relied on worksheets, textbooks and grammar/spelling rules. We've come a long way baby! Have I ever said how much I am loving the teen years?

I hope that you can see your homeschool evolving over time into YOUR homeschool and not someone else's idea of what homeschooling is.

Take care,