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This review is for the website (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, owner). Yet another useful home education tool provided by is set up by graded sections, pre/K & elementary, middle school and high school with drop down menus for all. You will find everything for homeschooling with topics such as logic, math, science, history, and many more electives as well as helps for the homeschool mom. Just a $1.00 for the first month using coupon code TRIAL (all caps) and $12.95 for each additional month. is a must for all homeschoolers, whether you are a boxed curriculum homeschooler, eclectic or unschooler this site has something for your student. Our homeschool has tended towards the boxed curriculum (we have started branching out in recent years though) but it was always missing something. I’ve found what was missing and it was, there are all sort of goodies to find on this site.

It just so happens that my son was given an acoustic guitar as a gift in October and he has been getting library books on how to play the guitar, but they have been either way over his head or contained music that does not fit our family values. As we are reviewing the Old Schoolhouse magazines website we came across the guitar lessons.

Mom & Dad have no trouble with reminding our son to practice his guitar because is so much fun to use!
I was very impressed with the videos that Jerry Jennings used as well as his explanations that he gave in teaching guitar lessons. One night our son was in the other room on the computer completing one of his guitar lessons and I over heard Jennings discussing Bob Dylan and then talking about the Beatles song “Let It Be.” Our son yelled out, “Hey mom do you know the song ‘Let It Be’ by the Beatles?” My husband was with me in the kitchen and I asked our son why he was asking and he explained that Jennings wanting to teach the F cord and that was a song that contained that cord. I really liked that Jennings explained why he chose that song, especially since we do not listen to music like the Beatles in our home.
The videos are AWESOME! It's great to go back and watch them again to get the finger movements down pat.
Our son has only been using the guitar lessons from for about a week and a half and by no means is he jammin’ out on the guitar, but he is making music and not just noise anymore. LOL!

A great feature of site is called the “dailies.” It has a monthly menu feature. I have to be gluten free and corn free, but I am able to get some great ideas from the menu plan and adapt it to my dietary needs. If a recipe calls for noodles, I just use gluten free noodles, or if it calls for cornstarch, I just use rice flour. The Month’s Menu feature helps to kickstart my monthly menu planning, which in turns helps our budget and my family as well as makes our homeschool run more smoothly because Mom is not freaking out over what to make for dinner at 4:45pm.

Our son has always liked checking This Day in History and reading about what happened in the past on each day.

Another area that I liked was the logic section. We have always struggled with teaching logic in our homeschool, so I was thrilled to see Logic on the drop down menu under middle school. I like how the lessons are set up so that my son can just go right in and get started. It has helped foster independence on his part. I know that we have a few years to go before college, but when I look at the website, I’m thinking about how using this site will help our son out in the long run. Online college classes are the future for many of our children and what better way for them to be prepared than by teaching them in pre/k & elementary, middle school and high school with methods that they will continue to use down the road.

We plan to continue searching through all the goodies over the next year that offers. Post and let me know what you think of the site and how it's enhanced your homeschool.

Have a great day!

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