College Days Are Coming FAST!!

This is right where we are, hard to believe that we are almost done homeschooling, with just one year left to go. I came across Michelle's blog not too long ago and have been reading it. She has some wonderful heartfelt insight on sending your child off to college. The article is called getting your teen ready for college and it is well worth the read.

Once I catch my breath, it's been a wild ride and busy time with college visits, applications, essays and fun stuff like that! We enjoyed our last homeschool convention and were so blessed to spend that time learning from college guidance counselor talks. It was also a melancholy time of reflecting on the years gone by and a sad but inexpensive time of shopping the vendor hall. It was sad to look at all the new curriculums out there, yet have no need to buy anything. Of course I bought myself some

We are embarking on some exciting uncharted territory for us with some interesting twists and turns along the way. But as the Homeschooled Young Man always tells me "God's got this." or "The Lord always takes care of us, don't worry." Got to love that little guy (well a big guy now!), who is now taller than me. And it's become Even the little old ladies that live with my Mom are noticing it. Too cute!

Enjoy these new times and find the blessings and hugs along the way.


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