New Year & New Curriculum Ideas

The NEW YEAR can be full of new ideas for your homeschool!!

I have been given permission to share these ideas with you from Mary Beth a fellow homeschooling mom, she says that the first 3 ideas came from Chris Davis of Home School Marketplace, but the rest are her own. Long before I read Mary Beth's list I had come up with a similar listing for our homeschool and it's helped me through the years to revisit the list to make sure we are on target.
Mary Beth was answering the following question.

What curriculum do you like best and why?

1. What things did you do or learn in school that have served you well
in your adult life? (Be sure to include them in your curriculum.)

2. What things did you do or learn in school that have proven to have
been a waste of time? (Don't bother with these.)

3. What do you wish someone had taught you? (Be sure to include them.)

4. There is a reason God put these children in your home. What do you
suppose He has in mind for them that you and only you can equip them
for? (This is why your homeschool shouldn't look like everybody

5. Imagine that you have a daughter. What kind of man would you want
her to marry? How can you raise your boys to be that type of man?
Think ahead to the day your child leaves home, whether it be for
marriage, college, work, or missions. Answer the following questions:

6. What skills, values, character qualities and faith foundations do
you want your child to have in order for you to be confident that he
is ready to face the world on his own? What can you do now to take
steps toward those goals?

7. What do you not want to regret when your children leave home?
If you look over these lists, you will see that you are well on your
way to a custom-designed curriculum for your family.

We can have a fresh start right now, if things are not working, think about how you can get things working.
How are you going to change things up in your homeschool this new year?