Thanksgiving Gluten Free Menu

Here is my gluten free Thanksgiving dinner menu, but don't tell, because it will be so good that nobody will know that it is gluten free! Works every time.


They are a bit odd shaped but I like crunchy dinner rolls so I let them rise longer so they are full of air pockets. If you like soft dinner rolls just follow the directions on the package. These freeze very well too.


I also made a pecan pie today and snatched a slice, it was wonderful! For the filling I use Aldi pecans, and for the filling I use Gluten Free Pecan Pie Mix from Calhoun Bend Mill.
I can't remember the pie crust name, but I bought it at Kroger in the frozen section. 2 pre-made (my kinda pie crusts!) gluten free pie crusts for around $6.00.

I plan to try the French Fried Onions from Aldi that I bought for my green bean casserole. I have not tried those yet. I will make those along with the mashed potatoes and gravy the day of the of our meal. 

May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you don't celebrate our holiday please take time to enjoy your family members, whether they are near or far.