Love is in the air...Homeschool love that is...

Today is Valentine's Day, but in our home today was like Christmas. Our package arrived from High Country Christian Depot!!

I have not received any compensation or benefits for writing this blog post.

 The Homeschooled Young Man could not wait to tear open this package and see what was inside!

When the Homeschooled Young Man see's bubble wrap, he knows it's gonna be a good day! 'Cause any boy knows that bubble wrap serves 3 purposes.

1. Bubble Wrap protects our purchases
2. Bubble Wrap makes for great workout routine jumping up and down on all the bubbles
3. Bubble Wrap drives a Homeschool Mom crazy with the popping sounds and the jumping up and down in the house!

The box is not yet unloaded and the Homeschooled Young Man has the book open and is reading through the, the glory of homeschooling. 

Have you ever seen a child hold up in classroom all day, 180 school days per year that is excited when their Apologia Physics Instructional DVD arrives in the mail? Yes, I know, we are weird, we homeschool, need I say more?

Praise the Lord for the learning everywhere about everything mindset. Our world is our classroom and we are loving it. Learning is not a chore it is a lifestyle.

p.s. High Country Christian Depot carries both the Apologia Biology ($95.20, regularly $140) & the Apologia Physics ($100.80 regularly $140) Instructional DVD's. I could not teach either of these subjects very well without these instructional DVD's. Now through 5/31/2015 you can save an additional 10% off by using the coupon code HOMESCHOOL10. 

I have not received any compensation or benefits for writing this blog post.

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