How To Get Your Boys To Write In 2 Easy Steps

Got boys that don't like to write? Reluctant writers? Boys with writers block? Guess what? I have found an awesome easy fix! In just 2 easy manageable steps you too can have a writer on your hands.

STEP 1: Ok, homeschool Mamma secret #1 is is one way to get boys to write? Get them interested in BINGO! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP! Lego, Star Wars, hunting, fishing, running etc. What do your boys like to do?

STEP 2: Give them a safe platform to find their nitch in writing. The answer? BLOGGING!

I am pretty excited and a bit nervous as my little Homeschooled Young Man steps out into the world and begins his blogging journey. You can check him out over at The Brick Boy's Tips, Tricks And Reviews blog.

He plans to chat with other boys and teens about Lego's, making airplane models and creating 4-H projects. He is pretty excited about starting this blog. He won't be making any money on the blog (I think he thought he would make, guess you have to be 18 to be able to have ads on your blog. Which is a great safety feature over at The Brick Boy's Tips, Tricks And Reviews blog. No worries over nasty ads appearing on the pages.

He is hoping to do some product reviews from companies, but has not done any work on that yet, so he is just buying the items himself and reviewing them.

I hope that you will feel free to pass his blog on to any young boys and teens that would enjoy what the Homeschooled Young Man is offering on his blog. Most of you are already familiar with his writing that he has done when he contributed to The Old Schoolhouse Magazines' product review. Also as readers you know our content will be safe for young readers. Also all comments are on moderation. He is also looking for guest bloggers, so contact him through his blog if you have a boy interested in WRITING (hahaha-insert sarcastic laughing), you can check out their grammar & spelling skills in their blog post.

Boy, am I getting pretty savvy or what at this homeschooling stuff-hahaha, wish I was this calm and laid back in the very beginning. Back when I first began homeschooling I would have never thought about blogging as being a writing, spelling or grammar assignment. I would have relied on worksheets, textbooks and grammar/spelling rules. We've come a long way baby! Have I ever said how much I am loving the teen years?

I hope that you can see your homeschool evolving over time into YOUR homeschool and not someone else's idea of what homeschooling is.

Take care,

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