~Let's Get Cooking Series~

During my Let's Get Cooking Series, I plan to beebop and hop around the net to some blogging sites that I frequent and give you some tips and tools to find great gluten free recipes to make your home life easier in the kitchen. As a wife, homeschooling mom, daughter of a Mother who lives nearby who needs constant care, I lead a busy life. I know that your life never stop either!

All the recipes in this series can be made either gluten free or with gluten, so don't run away if you are one of my readers that is NOT gluten free.

So the Let's Get Cooking Series is kicking off today with some AWESOME recipes from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures. Hop on over and check her out! Tell Lynn that Moe sent you from Adoptive Mom Home Schooling An Only Child blog.

40 Ground Beef Recipes
Lynn's Kitchen Adventures has some wonderful meals that could be easily made gluten free. Stop by her blog and  check out the 40 recipes that she has on there.

Taco Soup photo from Lynn's Kitchen Adventure blog
We are pinching penny's right now in our household due to my husband being hurt at work and ground beef tends to go a long way in recipes. I plan to make a number of these in the near future.

Many of these recipes look like they could be easily changed to gluten free and also look freezer friendly. Easy swap outs would be regular noodles for gluten free noodles. I think that these recipes will be easy enough for a Gluten Free newbie to try out and enjoy.

Lynn also has a Gluten Free button on her site for more recipes. Always check your ingredients and make sure that you are using gluten free.

Warm up with a nice hot meal on the cheap!

 Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. I am glad you enjoyed the ground beef recipes! I love sharing recipes that are quick and easy to make and easy to adapt to gluten free. And what a great idea for a series.

  2. Thanks Lynn for stopping by, love the great recipes that you share.