Hear ye, Hear ye: 20 Questions & The Homeschool Planning Meeting.

Summer has flown by and we are almost ready for a brand new school year. Tomorrow will be our annual Homeschool Planning Meeting. We are entering Senior year and I have some pretty cool stuff planned out. The Homeschooled Young Man has some thinking to do, we ask that he bring his ideas to the table in writing. Things that I have on the agenda...

1. What will be our core courses?
2. What will we use for those core courses?
3. What extras will we add in to round it all out?
4. What will be done as full year courses and what will be done as semester courses?
5. Field trip ideas?
6. Will we attend homeschool convention this year?
7. What life/social skills will we work on this year?
8. What volunteering will we be involved in?
9. What medical training/skills/shadowing will he be involved in?
10. Will he be a part of TeenPact.org again this year?
11. What classes outside the home will he take?
12. What are some things that he would like to learn?
13. What sort of employment will he take part in?
14. What 4-H projects will mesh with our schooling this year?
15. What scholarships is he interested in applying for?
16. Will there be standardized testing this year? SAT? ACT?
17. What colleges will we visit?
18. What materials do we have on hand that we can use instead of buying more stuff.
19. What church related activities will we take part in?
20. What worked and did not work last school year?

I am sure that more will come up as we chat around the kitchen table. But this is what homeschooling is all about. Yes, some homeschoolers have a set of state standards that they must abide by, but there is so much more to homeschooling that those standards. We as homeschoolers can focus on so much more right along side school work. So many more rich life changing experiences that we can afford our children.


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