Art Class & The Homeschool

Why is it that most back to school pictures and ads contain art supplies? Most public schools do not incorporate art into their education, so why should we? Are we as homeschoolers incorporating art into our home education? BIG gasp here!
I may have just stepped on a lot of toes here, but I think I fear art more than I fear Algebra! lol. I know nothing about color wheels nor do I have any clue about the critical pedagogy of art. Nevertheless, I do like to shop at Hobby Lobby and Michael' I have a ton of art supplies, brand new and still in the package!
Nowhere in my home will you find glitter, I despise the stuff. I remember the day my little man got his official title of "Homeschooler." I breathed a sigh of relief and said to myself, "Never will there EVER be another glitter covered art project brought into this home!" YEAH!
You know the evil glitter; it goes everywhere, gets on everything, including our bodies. LOL...nothing like finding that you have glitter all over your face when you go out in public.
Often times I giggle inside when I am talking to someone and they have glitter on their face, I think, "That poor Mamma."  I am so anti-glitter that if I get a card in the mail and it has glitter on it, I won't even take it out of the I keep the card in the envie, read it while carefully prying the envie open and then toss it out.
So, what will your art class look like this year?
I'm thinking of asking a friend of mine who has taught art to be a guest blogger this fall. Got anything you want to ask about teaching art? She has taught all ages and she is good at what she does (shhh, don't tell, but I don't think she likes glitter either!).
Next time I will share how I, the anti-glitter homeschool art teacher has incorporated art into our homeschool.