A No-No List For Homeschoolers

Lee Binz, The Home Scholar has got a great list of No-No's for us homeschooling Mothers.
I really think this list is good; it has some tough subjects and makes you think.

#3 Spoke to me, I was thinking that homeschooling high school would be totally different than homeschooling grade school but it is not.

I just shiver when I hear homeschoolers say that they will be putting their children back in school for high school. Why undo everything that you have done by putting them back in school?

There are so many resources out there for high school and it can and does work. Your child will have more time to explore the their passions and what drives them. They can job shadow and take part in real on the job learning, so that when/if they decide on college they will have a better understanding of what they need to be focusing on.

We have had so many doctors give the Homeschooled Young Man tips on what to do/what not to do as well as their thoughts on what they did and how they wished they had done things differently or focused on different things while in college/medical school.

High school is a wonderful time of growth and maturity for our children, why not be by their side to encourage them and guide them through this time.

I think a lot of what Lee Binz, The Home Scholar touches on in her list, is that we should not micro-manage our children. ZING! That struck me right off the bat, I remember when my 72 year old mother told me I was Micro-managing my child...lol...first off I was like "Mother, how on earth do you know what micro-managing is?" lol. Yes I was micro-managing my child and I have since worked very hard at not doing that.
Trust me on this one; it is much easier to have your child's day planned out, than to wait for him to do it. I am a manager by nature...lol...I think I get that from my BFF's son, he has taught me well...HAHAHA!!

Have a great school year!

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