Cake + Teenager = Lesson In Contentment

Contentment & The Pre-Pre Med’s Birthday Cake sums up a lesson learned.
I got this really cool idea to have a ER, well now known as an ED birthday party theme for the Pre-Pre Med homeschooled young man. He corrects me on this every chance that he gets ;-0

You see back in the 'old days' as he would say, hospitals only had 1 room for emergencies, hence the name "EMERGENCY ROOM". Now hospitals have more than 1 room and so they are now deemed "EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTS." In light of this I thought what better birthday party theme to go with? lol.

I had this really cool cake in mind, ya know the Mejier version of an AWESOME Cake Boss I even explained what I wanted twice to the cake decorator. I warned the Pre-Pre Med homeschooled young man that "I don't think the cake lady understood what I wanted, she kept drawing and crossing things out." I was thinking how hard can this be? I want a cake that says EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT at the top and then a large blank space for me to put my own decorations on.

Fast forward a week and I pick up the cake the morning of the party and it's not the right cake. The girl said "Well I can take this one with the polka dots on it and write emergency department on it." Dare I even laugh? They were large pastel polka dots and he is a 14 year old boy." hahaha. I just said "No, I will just take the other cake." As I walked away discontented, the Pre-Pre Med homeschooled young man put his arm around me and said "Don't worry about it, I like it, it's fine."

I liked it better once I got the Lego doctors, nurses, surgeon, patient, gurney and other equipment on the cake. ( with a little help from a friend). I am still trying to figure out what some of the things are that the cake decorator had drawn on the

Earlier tonight, the day after the party, Pre-Pre Med homeschooled young man was cutting himself a slice of his cake and he thanked me for taking the time and effort to get the cake for. He told me that even though it was not the cake that I had wanted, that he was happy with it. He even said "You could have just thawed out one of those giant cookie cakes we have in the freezer."

So this is where contentment factors in. I already had a cake in the freezer, but I wanted more/better. We teach our kids day in and day out about math, science, grammar and history, but what do those things really boil down to? Smarts, yes smarts count for something in life, but contentment factors into our every day lives. Yet it is so easy to forget that fact and busy ourselves with all sorts of school stuff. Nothing like a teenager to teach you about the facts of life.
"Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content."
I am learning, but sometimes I need a teenager to teach me and keep me grounded.

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