Summer School Or No School?

What do you do in your homeschool for summer?

I remember the fun times of summer school at my public high school. We did not have air conditioning in our summer home when I was growing up. Though the house was on the lake and had wonderful breezes blowing through pretty much all the time. It sure was nice to be in that air conditioned school on really hot and humid days. Summer school was a time to reconnect with friends, enjoy getting to know school teachers better, since they were more relaxed and not so rushed. As well as a time for getting classes out of the way.

If you mention summer school to most teens today, they totally freak out and can't imagine enjoying it or they correlate it with earning grades of F's. A big plus with homeschooling is that we are instilling a love of learning in our child, it's not a chore, learning is a wonderful part of life.

Our summer school this year looks like this. We have a combination of Advanced Math, Advanced Chemistry (through a paid Fellowship working on Cancer research in a Chemistry lab) and Advanced Biology are all going on right now. Subjects that the Homeschooling Young Man finds fascinating and enjoyable are a great fit for summer school.

He has signed up for Community College courses for the fall.

Along the way he has been teaching kids robotics and chemistry camps, volunteering, job shadowing free reading, Lego building and finishing up 4-H County Fair projects.

In addition to summer schooling we will be working on life skills as usual, taking a trip or two and enjoying the shade of the patio and sun on the deck.

So what are your plans for summer?