Remember my Facebook post?

I came across this article and found it very interesting, what do you think? Facebook Takes Place Of Bible.

Remember my Facebook Fast post? Well I made it to about last weekend. I did sneak on a few times for about 5 min or less, I had to PM a few people that I don't have RL (real life) info for.

I actually found it pretty hard to not use FB, because it's really become a part of our lifestyles. I needed to reach someone, I needed info about our homeschool group, I needed to check on some FB freebies from a homeschooling site.

Now what I did get away from was the mindless hitting of the page down button to see what all my 'friends' were doing. That seems to be a real time eater.

Today I popped on to find that a college buddy of mine was down about something. So I put a smile face on his post and picked up the phone and put feet to my Christianity and spent some real phone time with him.

My friend that did the FB fast with me ran into a trouble spot too. Her father became ill and she needed to let several family members know and ask friends to pray, but no time to call everyone. What is the quickest way to get the word out (advertisers know it!) FACEBOOK!

One thing that has made FB faster for me is that I get email updates and if it's something that I need to see, I click on it, if not I delete it. This way I am not trying to page down through all the game requests, video's, and junk that I don't need/want to see.

Then I look at the media foot print that our kids are suppose to have for college interviews and workplace tech. How on earth do we do that and monitor all of it?

Facebook is starting to become like cell phones, how did we EVER live without it?