Picked the Card "Go Directly To Hospital, Do Not Pass Go!"

Go Directly To Hospital, Do Not Pass Go! So this is where I have been for 10 days! lol...I'm on the mend but sure don't want to go through this again.

The Lord is always good in the opportunities He gives us! A friend called or texted me (can't remember which as things are still fuzzy) and told me that I was a medical missionary. I said I was ready for some furlough big time! hahaha...

I had an abscess in my pelvic region. Local ER thought it was appendix, but then transferred me up to the big city where my wonderful colorectal surgeon and infectious disease doctor (saw him due to antibiotic allergies) took great care of me. There was blood between my right ovary, right side intestines and appendix. I've pretty much always had an accumulation of fluid in that area, which always turned out to be nothing. It happens to lots of women each month, they get ovarian cysts and don't know it, they burst and the fluid is absorbed by the body, nothing happens. Well some turn into infections and mind did. I got my PIC line installed and will be on IV antibiotics. Then if all goes well I am done (could happen again though), if that is not the cause of it all, then they will have to go in and scope me to see what is going on. I had a CT, MRI and ultrasounds this week. It's very hard to see that area of the body as all those organs are squished together (no better way to explain it) and are in a very tight space. So this is why it's hard to get an accurate diagnosis. They are also concerns about if I have to have another abdominal surgery, due to scar tissues that may have formed. So prayers on several fronts would be great. Praising the Lord that I had opportunity to pray with a nurse and I was totally bless to have been on the same floor as last year in Jan/Feb and when several nurses & Techs heard that I was back in, they came and paid me a visit. Many told me what a sweetheart of a patient I am. Now I am not saying these things to brag on myself, trust me I have bawled my eyes out over the way the Lord has used me in all of this. But what I am trying to say is, let your light shine in the good and in the bad times. Don't hide the fact that you are hurting or suffering, but give all honor and glory to the Lord. The nurse I prayed with shared with me that she knew of doctors that could SEE a visible difference in a way that patients/families dealt with crisis or death, and that doctors had come to faith in Jesus based on what a patient exhibited during a health crisis. I keep going back to the verse from
1 Corinthians 3:6 "I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase." Much to be in prayer about the watering aspect!! The Lord is in control, I stilled cried though

I found some really cute Lego figures that are doctors and surgeons. I bought a few on Ebay and plan to hand those out with thank you notes to the doctors and take some snack goodies to the nurses and Techs.

My surgeon & ID doctors were wonderful as usual, they told me that there was nothing that I could have done to cause this or keep it from happening, it was just bad luck on my part. I told him I don't believe in bad luck
;-) What I do believe in is divine appointments and I am pretty sure that the Lord has had a few for me.