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 As homeschool product reviewers for The Old Schoolhouse Magazines TOS Review Crew we were given a Premium Membership to VocabularySpellingCity, it's a family membership for up to 5 students in our family. I had to giggle and reminisce back to the first years of our homeschool. We loved using VocabularySpellingCity, back in the day the homeschooled young man loved to play the free games and practice his spelling using the program. We had found our homeschool curriculum's spelling lists on the site and used those daily. Other times I would import my own lists for history, science and reading words. But there was something lacking in that whole process, now after using the Premium Membership of VocabularySpellingCity, I know exactly what it is. We were lacking accountability in knowing what was actually getting done, I just knew my homeschooler would tell me "I got X number wrong." or "I played this or that game."
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Letter Fall game
With the Premium Membership you get so much more for your homeschool shopping dollar. For just $29.99 per year (not monthly, but you get an entire year for that price!!) VocabularySpellingCity has an age range of K-12th grade, but I played around with some of the games and had a lot of fun, though I struggled with the Letter Fall game, the homeschool young man LOVED that game and played it a lot.
When you sign up and start the Premium Membership, you as the homeschool Momma type in the students' names, it's that easy! Then when your students sign on to VocabularySpellingCity, they just log in and they will automatically go to your parent homepage.
All activities done on VocabularySpellingCity will be recorded for you to later view in your parent account. Spelling test results will be right there for you to see and are recorded including the score
              as well as the words that were spelled right or wrong.
I allowed the homeschooling young man to goof around on the site and find what he wanted to work on and he found some pretty cool areas that I did not even know existed on the site. He came across some very COOL science vocab lists that are by grade and by subject, as well as GERMAN word lists. Now how cool is that? He was messing around with those German word lists day and night, big thrill for him since he is taking German this year. The other games that he really liked were Hang Mouse and Word Scramble.
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Word-O-Rama game
I do have one hint for you, coming from a homeschooling family that has used VocabularySpellingCity in the past, MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CHILD USES THE CORRECT ACCOUNT THAT IS HOOKED UP TO YOUR PARENT ACCOUNT! At first I could not figure our why things were not being recorded in my parent account, I figured that I (not being tech savvy in the least!) had goofed something up. Well come to find out the homeschooling young man was going in and doing activities on his personal account, he was so use to entering in his (free account) info, that it never dawned on him that he was using the wrong account. And ya know how us homeschool mothers get busy...lol. We finally got it straightened out.
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Flash Card
Now you may be asking "What is the difference between the FREE account on VocabularySpellingCity and the Premium Membership, well here is the scoop.
You get all the goodies from the FREE account + you get the following (remember a one year membership is good for up to 5 students in your family for one low price of $29.99).
 "Premium Learning Activities" which includes vocabulary & writing games and activities.
"Accountability": your child's activities are recorded & tracked for you to view at your convenience.
"Differentiated Learning": you can assign different tasks to each of your children
"Efficient record keeping": Great for states where homeschoolers must track their students because the tests results and student activities are recorded right away.
"Tools for specific populations": Each list can be geared toward your individual student such as English As A Second Language, think of adoptive kids that may be homeschooled, this would be a great tool for kids learning English.
You get telephone support.
Progress tracking.
Synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech, definitions and so much more all included for just $29.99 per year for up to 5 students in your family when you sign up for the Premium Membership of VocabularySpellingCity.
Oh, I almost forgot about two of the AWESOME benefits of being a Premium Member,
NO COMMERCIAL BANNER ADS!! And you can leave your student a personalized message for them to read when they sign in. How sweet is that?
VocabularySpellingCity also offers Mobile Apps for iPad/Iphone/Ipod Touch, and now they even offer an Android App and a Kindle app. We used the Kindle app and it worked really well.
All in all we had fun playing with the VocabularySpellingCity Premium Membership and I think we learned from using it too. Make sure you check out the FAQ section, lots of helpful info there and also a great video guide is on the site too.
P.S. VocabularySpellingCity comes in handy when homeschool Momma is busy and can't stop just right then and there, she can send her students to play on VocabularySpellingCity...lol. The kids won't even know they are learning, they will be having so much fun!! Also, VocabularySpellingCity is a great learning tool for school teachers to use in the classroom. See VocabularySpellingCity for more information.

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