Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose Ebook & Unit Study Review

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As members of the TOS Review Crew we were privileged to review of YWAM Publshing’s Kindle Ebook Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose and we also received the Jim Elliot Unit Study Curriculum Guide part 1 and part 2 inPDF format. Part 1 includes the actual study guide Ebook and part 2 includes all of the maps that go along with the study. (if you get the physical books the maps are located in the center section of the paperback book). The Ebook is$6.99 and the Unit Study is an additional $7.49 for the Curriculum Guide. The age ranges are 10+, but I will tell you that we were reading these books long before age 10 and enjoying them.
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Homeschool Young Man here, Homeschool Momma asked me to write up a bit about this review, so here goes. I liked that this was on my Kindle because I could take it anywhere and even read in the dark car when we traveled.

The book and unit study Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose starts out with Jim Elliot and Pete Fleming on the boat Santa Juana to Ecuador, which is in South America. Jim has some flashbacks to his earlier years. The book moves and goes onto talk about when Jim was living in Ecuador, his marriage of Betty, work at Shandia, and finally his work with Operation Acua. The later half of Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose, deals with his involvement in Operation Acua, which ends in disaster but there is a positive outcome. But I am not going to spoil this for you. You will need to get the book yourself and read. It’s REALLY GOOD! Be sure to read the epilogue for more details.

I’ve read about Jim Elliot before and enjoyed the stories as well as watch a DVD about some of the missionary work that he was involved with.

 YWAM Publishing has some incredible missionary stories, we have a entire library in our home of them and they are read and re-read. We have also used their Unit Study Curriculum Guides for Christian Heroes: Then & Now by Janet & Geoff Benge from YWAM Publishing.
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The Curriculum Guides cover so many topics that your child will glean much by doing them. Here is just a sampling of what you can pick and choose from: creative writing, Bible memorization, creating time lines, DVD's, further reading, oral presentations, art projects and much more!
I’ve always allowed our son to pick and choose what he wants to study from the guides. A favorite has been the timeline activity, this was one of the projects that he chose to do from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now Jim Elliot Unit Study Curriculum Guide. Get as simple as you want and just follow along in the book for creating the timeline, but with a 13 year old, you can have them dig deeper. Using an Internet search engine my student did some extra research and added more to his timeline than what was in the book, it also helped that he had read a book on Jim Elliot in the past.
 Homeschool Momma make sure to read the introduction of the Unit Study book for an explanation on how to use the book as well. There are sections on learning styles and grade levels. I remember back when my student was in the younger grades, I heard homeschool mom’s talking about unit studies all the time, had no idea what those were. So they always intimidated me. While at a homeschool convention we found the YWAM Publishing booth and I looked over the Unit Study Curriculum Guide by Janet & Geoff Benge, it was so easy to understand! We were sold on it from then on. My son always had some extra pocket $$ at convention to buy the next one or two Christian Heroes, Then & Now books. Now that they available on the Kindle are so inexpensive at just $6.99 each and $7.49 for the PDF's to go along with them.

For the younger students reading Christian Heroes Then Now: Jim Elliot One Great Purpose there some fun activities such as the Student Explorations chapter that includes drawing or painting the effects of flood at Shandia in chronological order. For a bit older student they can have fun writing down language examples, such as writing down the Spanish phrases found in the book and maybe searching online to find a few more. There are fun tasks like bark rubbing with crayons or colored pencils. For high school age there are essay questions, terms and vocabulary too. This would be a great addition to a Spanish class. The neat thing about these ideas in the Unit Study book is that you can go as laid back or as in depth as you want in your learning.
I am thinking STOCKING STUFFERS this Christmas on the Kindle! What a great Christmas morning present, turning on the Kindle and finding some new YWAM Publishing Ebooks! As a side note YWAM stands for Youth With A Mission and these books will give your kids a heart for missions as they are exciting to read and captivating.

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