Chilly Weather Is Here & I Am Ready For Some Warm Recipes

Check out this YUMMY looking Gluten Free Chicken and Wild Rice Soup recipe. I think I will try this out this weekend. We went to our local pizza place this week, I sat and enjoyed the company while my guys They had Chicken & Wild Rice soup, I use to enjoy that when we went there, but no more with being gluten free. So I've had a hankerin' for some this week.
Here is another good looking soup I think I will try later in the month. Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice soup.  This site has wonderful tips on how to make soup and a great recipe, it does call for milk, but if you must be dairy free just sub in your favorite kind of milk.

A couple of key things to remember when making soup:
Check for gluten in wild rice blends (many contain pasta) & broth.
Also check recipe ahead of time to see if you have to pre-cook the rice.

Nothing like enjoying a pot of soup on a chilly homeschool afternoon.