Time for a YUMMY recipe

Gluten Free Marble Cupcakes

I got this from a friend on a gluten free/casein free group. They are yummy and I just took my first batch out of the oven. I think the next batch I will skip the marble part, I'm not a big cocoa fan. But these are still really good!! Head on over to Marcie's blog for the recipe (click here)

NO milk, NO eggs, NO soy, NO wheat or gluten, NO tree nuts, NO peanuts, NO fish, NO Shellfish, yet these taste WONDERFUL!!

You can see one missing in the bottom right hand corner, I snatched on and ate it. YUM!!
And for those of you who are not big pumpkin fans, don't worry, these are not pumpkin flavored!! Though I am now thinking that when I leave the cocoa out of the next batch, that I might add in some pumpkin pie spice. I will report back on how that goes.

Back to baking!

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