Molly Crew REVIEW of Christi the Coupon Coach: Couponing Made Simple

All right thrifty coupon Mamma’s have I got a review for you! Christi The Coupon Coach Couponing Made Simple comes in an Ebook for just $4.99 or the paperback version for $18.00.

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Since I’ve been down and out physically since Sept 2012 our grocery and household items budget has just been blown out of control. With my son and husband running into stores here and there for things it’s cost us a lot. Normally I drive an hour once per month and do all our major shopping in the big city. It’s much cheaper than shopping at a Mom and Pop grocery store. I was excited when we were given the opportunity to review the Christi The Coupon Coach book. Our son was the first one to read Christi The Coupon Coach. Right away he began going through my coupon stash to see what we could use and how we could use them to get the best deals. I used this book as part of our business math/home economics course study for high school, I think it would work for junior high aged also.

My first thought was Extreme Couponing, we don’t have nearly the coupons available to us in the middle of the woods…lol. We are just happy to just get a few of the Black Friday sale flyers in the Sunday paper before Thanksgiving. Since we live so far away from civilization they don’t include all the fancy stores. I have found a small gold mine for coupons though on rare occasion, our public library (in another town far far has a small box at the front of the library that people can exchange coupons. I always check that baby when we are in town. I have also bought coupons from auction sites and just paid shipping. I have even spent time calling the allergy friendly companies asking for coupons (most will say DO NOT DOUBLE on them). I also belong to a coupon train (HI Cathy!!) (BTW ladies on that train who are reading this I will mail it out this week…lol). Here is a link to Christi's favorite websites for great coupon match websites to help you along in your quest for savings.

I liked the larger size of the font that she used in Christi The Coupon Coach. These homeschool Momma eyes are getting bad! LOL. I was able to sit down and read the book in about 2 hours (along with taking some notes). It’s a very fast read, not boring at all. Our son read it in about an hour, he loves coupons and is always on the hunt for fast food & Lego coupons.

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My coupon file BEFORE reading Christi The Coupon Coach book.

I liked how she had a gluten free section and organic foods section since so many families are eating this way either by choice or due to allergies. That section was a blessing for our family since I am gluten free. I was elated with the information that Christi The Coupon Coach included about thrift stores and yard sales! I so did not expect this information to be in the book. We do have lots of yard sales and thrift stores near us. But as far as grocery store deals like stacking coupons (not allowed here), printed Internet coupons (not allowed here). Here is a link to Christi's favorite websites.

The book was very easy to follow along and was layed out out very well. I like how she guides you through the process, she truly is a Coupon Coach! I would give you more details, but you need to high tail it over to right now and buy a copy of Christi The Coupon Coach or get the Ebook to read on the go. (I’ve got an Amazon link right here on my site). The book as 132 pages long, but if you are not a big reader don’t let that scare you, it’s a very quick read, you wont get bogged down with this book.

I like how she explains all the couponing terms and how she shares real life ideas with her readers. Many of the tips and tricks were familiar to me, I’m just not implementing them, but I think that  Christi The Coupon Coach would be a great read for even the seasoned couponer, sort of a refresher course. The book would NOT be overwhelming to a newbie at all. Plain and simple Christi IS the Coupon Coach! She knows how to explain things in plain and simple terms.

A new idea to me was the ability to print out additional sets of coupons using a different computer in your home (we only have 1 computer and none of our stores accept Internet coupons, so this is out for us). I have resurrected my coupon accordion file from that funny financial radio guy and I’ve been saving here and there. Remember though, we live in the sticks, don’t get many coupons in our Sunday paper, can’t use printed Internet coupons and can’t stack coupons. So this book and system might be just the thing you need if you have better access to coupons than we do.
My coupon file AFTER reading Christi The Coupon Coach

I have saved around $50 so far since starting this TOS review and I plan to keep working at this, it's a bit tougher in my area, but even I can save some. An update to my review, I have found that the Target and Meijers store in the BIG city (about an hour away) do accept printed out coupons from their store website ONLY, so I have found another source  :O) So don't think you can't save just because you live in a rural area. My main savings were in the area of household cleaners, trash bags and things like that. Hey it all adds up!

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