This is an awesome freebie for teachers and homeschoolers!
I am printing like crazy as we

Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus click there and check her out! She has got lots of goodies and some great homeschool information. This is just a sameple of one of the cover pages that you can use for your personalized school planner. LOVE IT!

Tina has a cool process to making her planners, here is what you get for FREE!
Step 1. Choose a Pretty Front & Back Cover
Step 2. Choose Calendars/Appointment Keepers
Step 3. Choose Goals and Objectives
Step 4. Choose Lesson Planning Pages
Step 5a. Choose Unique Forms JUST for You
Step 5b. Choose MORE Unique Forms Just for You.
Step 6. Personalize It
Step 7. Final Step. Organize it/Shuffle Sections/Print your Tabs before you take it to be coil bound.
Please go check out Tina's cool homeschool helps today.