Let's Make a Web Page Review

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We were blessed to receive a 60 page Ebook from Motherboard Books called Let's Make a Webpage!. Let's Make a Webpage is designed for kids 8-12 years old. We did have to download a copy of the free trial version of The Coffee Cup Visual Site Designer software (you can get a FREE 30 day download, but after that it costs $49.00 in addition to the cost of the Let's Make a Webpage! Ebook) to make the web page. We had no issues with downloading this product, in the past we have had a few computer glitches when we have gotten download version of computer programs. BUT NOT with MotherboardBooks.com! This was simple to use. This was a super easy process for our 12 year old. I did nothing but tell him where to find the links in the Crew Review email, he did the rest. He made a very cute web page to surprise his dad. I think kids around 9 and under would need some adult supervision with this.

Let's Make a Webpage! software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and later (sorry this does not work with Mac). Purchase price is $19.95.

Let's Make a Webpage! Ebook includes the following:

interview a person
download and set up the program
add text to a web page
create a table
put pictures on
how to add animations from the Internet
check browser, background and photos
add sound
add links
Post work
Upload to the Internet

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What this homeschool Momma liked about Let's Make a Webpage!
taught independence (working alone, figuring things out)
taught creativity (coming up with backgrounds, sounds, pictures)
taught life skills (interviewing, talking, asking questions)
was a fun learning tool for learning as well as creativity

What this homeschool Momma did not like about Let's Make a Webpage!
It was pretty short, wish it had more to it. I do think it was worth the price. You have to use The Coffee Cup Visual Site Designer software (you can get a FREE 30 day download, but after that it costs $49.00 in addition to the  Let's Make a Webpage! Ebook).

What this homeschool student liked about Let's Make a Webpage!
I liked how it told me how to do something, but not exactly what to do (I had to think it through myself).
I liked how I could make it my homepage (I surprised my dad with it when he got on the computer).
I thought it was pretty cool to design my own web page.
I did have fun with this review.

What this homeschool student did not like about Let's Make a Webpage!
I am at the upper age limits for this product, so it was pretty easy for me, but I think it would take some effort on the part of younger kids to use. Mom or Dad would definitely need to help the younger student.
I did not like how you had to buy other software to keep making more web pages. Mom talks about that software above.

So here you have it! A great way for your child to learn how to design their own webpage!
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