Missed The Call From The Mayo Clinic Doctor :O(

Well as I was getting ready to teach a class at the local college, I noticed my cell phone vibrating. I did not have a missed call, but had a voicemail. Guess who? LOL (really that should be NLM or No Laughing Matter) It was my Mayo Clinic doctor calling with my results and also to tell me that he was going out of town for awhile. How on earth could this be that I missed his call. Though he did have some good news for me, he told me that my lab tests all came out fine, but that there was more to talk about and discuss. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Well I guess we will just have to wait until he gets back in town.

So we wait and wait and wait a bit longer. The child says "Mom, maybe the Lord wants to you to learn patience?"

I'm spending my days of waiting on the phone call by trying to unearth piles of junk mail that have accumulated while I have been ill. Boy does being ill bring about a whole new perspective on things. I am thrilled to be able to do housework again, is that weird or what? lol. Though leaning over into the washing machine to get that last sock out is a killer, I'm short and have to really lean into the machine and it hurts my body, I still feel very bruised if I lean on something. Hoping that will go away soon.

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