Mayo Clinic Day #6

Well this is our last day, so we spent it packing up, getting blood drawn and making up a gift basket for one of the nurses who was AMAZING! She was so sweet.
We drove around and took some quick pictures, it was the first time that we had been out and about besides a quick trip or two to Wal*Mart.

The drive home was eventful, the rental car (if you remember from Day 1, had a tire that went flat on us) was a major pain again. We plugged in the laptop to watch some DVD's and had the TomTom plugged in, all the sudden NOTHING? We for sure needed the TomTom to get us home, but did not really need the laptop since as homeschoolers ya know we were really driving the had enough books on board to educate a small army.

I called Avis car rental and asked for the closest rental location. We found one and explained to the WONDERFUL guy what had happened along the way. He told me that we were about 20 minutes away and he would have a car ready for us. Well what a car he had for us! It was a 2013 Toyota Camry with less than 300 miles on it. OK, so thanks for that car Avis rental man, 'cause now I want one. It was awesome! Comfortable, touch screen, smooth ride, loved how I could have my cell phone blue toothed through the speakers. I'm thinking that this guy gave me a very nice upgrade, we had a Ford Fusion base model before this car. The day that we picked up the original car they offered us a VW Beetle, but there was no way all our stuff would fit in that car, it would have been really cool to cruise around in, but no way.

We almost made it home, but I got so tired after going on a shopping trip to Woodmans that I just could not make it the rest of the way home. So we spent the night at a very nice Holiday Inn that we got for $68 on The sheets were flannel and the bed was so comfortable, I slept like a rock after taking a nice long hot shower. The child even commented on how nice his bed felt. I'm thinking that I might need a set of flannel sheets.

Feels so good to be home! Now we just wait on test results.
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