Mayo Clinic Day 4

We finally felt settled in and had a routine going. I can find my way in the Subway alone (without my child as my guide!) and not get lost, know which set of elevators goes to the 18th floor and such.

Today was a pretty slow day, just had to get a blood test at 8am and 4pm, then collect urine in a jug for 24 hours. The child went on some nice tours of Mayo and a few other local buildings. He had a wonderful time and met a number of people from around the country and other parts of the world. You know how those unsocialized homeschoolers are! lol.

Enjoyed the pool and loved the skylights, relaxed and chatted on the phone with my best girl friends (Brenda, Lee, Sue & Val) under the stars.

Had a bit of a worry when it started sleeting and then snowing, but we lucked out and did not get all the snow that they got up North.

Steroids are finally kicking in and I'm feeling mighty fine!  We actually went jogging in the Subway around 10pm. We spent part of the evening at the library and walking through the mall. This place is like a self contained city.

Below is a picture of the Mayo Brothers that started Mayo Clinic, if you have a chance to read their story (we got it free from the library) it's really interesting. They also were the first to research Cortisol and that is what I am here for. YIPPE!!!  I am so thankful for the 2 doctors that told me to come here, if nothing else we have had a good time and met some very nice folks along the way. And I am blessed with doctors that took the time to get to know me and feel comfortable in telling me that they I needed to look else where for answers to my health issues.

This picture was on a post card. I could not find this statue or I would have had the child sit on their lap for photo op!