Eviliptical: Is that a real word?

Well we are back to working out, it's been slow. I started out walking 30 minutes on the treadmill and biking 15 minutes, five days a week along with 3 days of weight lifting. I have since added in the Elliptical. I can sure tell that my lower abdominal muscles have been messed with and cut, they are not real happy with the work I am doing.

I went for my workout/fitness evaluation and I was scared, I thought for sure that I had lost everything that I had done exercise wise since I've been down and out. Guess what? Even the fitness coordinator was surprised! I did pretty well, I did not lose that much in terms of cardio and overall fitness. My surgeon had even commented back in April about my recovery time, that he could tell that I did not live a sedentary lifestyle. So as I feel my legs burning like crazy on the Elliptical (Eviliptical I call it!) I think back to what my surgeon said and what the fitness coordinator said and I push onward!

My goal is 30 minutes on the Elliptical by June 1, I am up to 12 minutes + 30 minutes of either the treadmill or the bike. Once I get to the 30 minute goal on the Elliptical, I plan to try the MIX 3, which is a program on that machine that both the child and husband like. I don't much care for peddling backwards and trying to read screen prompts while I workout. (I feel like I am going to fall on my behind when I do that.  LOL).

It feels good to be back!

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