Mayo Clinic Day 3 & A Lesson Learned

By now it has really sunk in, we are at Mayo Clinic! The child kept saying this over and over "I can't believe we are here! At Mayo Clinic."  I think I was still numb from it all and still wondering if I should really be here or not. Since I don't have cancer and I'm not 'dying of anything.' It has just been such a whirlwind of testing, meetings with the doctor etc. Today was the physical exam and let me tell you I've never been examined like that in my life before. I think that the doctor went over ever INCH of me! lol. He had me bending, stretching, moving and all sorts of stuff in addition to the exam.

Now for the fun stuff hahaha. I was suppose to get undressed for this exam and put a gown on. lol. Well the day before when I had the Holter Monitor put on me, I had a sports bra on (I know TMI for you guys! lol) so there was no way I could get my bra off, it was just hanging off my EKG during the exam, which was very entertaining to see it flying all over the place when the doctor had me jumping around, bending and stretching all over the exam.

Then the doctor is still in the room typing away at the computer and he tells me to get So I getting dressed with the doctor still in the room...weird! I could not for the life of me get my bra untangled from the Finally just had to unhook them, get dressed and rehook them up. Thinking back, I hope that the machine turned back on after we rehooked it up  :O(

The unsocialized homeschooler had fun playing piano several times while we were at Mayo Clinc, here he is playing at the Siebens Building, he also played in the Gonda Building. He drew a pretty good crowd. There were some really good piano players that we got to listen to over the week we were at Mayo.

I had more blood work and the most exciting part (NOT!) was I got a bottle of steroid pills to take, had to take 1 every 6 hours for 3 days. By the time I took the evening dose I was feeling pretty well, muscles no longer aching and we were up goofing around. We spent the evening at the library, which is connected by the Subway to our hotel and Mayo Clinic. I worked on a homeschool review for The Old Schoolhouse Magazines Review Crew and the child looked at the Star Wars book section. The library is GREAT! If we have to go back we plan to spend some more time there. We could have gotten a $10 library card while we were there since I was a patient at Mayo, but I was too cheap, we just stayed and looked at book for free  :O)  Spent more time swimming and relaxing. Sleep was not on the agenda due to the steroids. But WOW was I sure feeling good. Wish I could live on steroids, nothing feels so good.

One lesson learned. NEVER text people at 2 AM, just because you can't sleep does not mean that others are in the same boat! lol.  I sent a funny text to some friends and my sister-in-law at 2am. I said "If I was there I would drag you out to Bill's. I'm flying high on" Guess what? there are a lot of people that leave their cell phones on 24/7 and they got that message at 2 AM! But thankfully it got a laugh out of them all. My sister-in-law just grinned and rolled over and went back to sleep. Bill's is a restaurant that is a little 24 hour hole in the wall, with GREAT food (best fried cheddar cheese curds and grilled cheese sandwiches in the WORLD!) and lots of fond memories for my friends and I. Right Valerie, Lane, JT & David? Yes you can laugh now.

So we are half way through the week, still no answers, but we are making some wonderful memories. I am truly blessed to have an awesome almost teenage son to travel with, a wonderful husband who I can call at anytime when the steroids were making me crazy and  I was living on an hour or two of sleep and the world was crashing in on me. As well as my friends & church family that were up holding me in prayer. AMEN! God is good even in our sufferings.
2 Corinthians 12:10 “Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.” What does not kill us makes us stronger.