Knowledge Quest Homeschool Review

We were given a copy of the Knowledge Quest Maps Sacagawea ebook via email from Sacagawea "Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know."
Sacagawea was read by our 7th grade son. This ebook retails for $4.97. The ebook is interactive and has a VERY cool appeal to it for the student. Throughout the ebook your student will find hyperlinks to click on to gather more information from really neat websites.
"Sacagawea is an interactive historical novel that challenges readers to dig deeper into the true lives of extraordinary individuals AND stretches the idea of how stories themselves are told. Sacagawea is a riveting account and intimate look into the life of one of America's most beloved women." Quoted from the  website Knowledge Quest Maps.
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What this 7th grade student liked about the  Sacagawea "Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know" ebook.
1) I started out not really thinking that the story would be interesting, but in time I found it very interesting. 
2) It took me to a lot of cool websites.
3) I had fun learning and exploring more about
4) I learned more about Lewis and Clark Expedition
5) It's a good read!
6) Did I tell you I really liked the links? 
What this 7th grade student did not like about  the  Sacagawea "Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know" ebook.
1)  SPOILER ALERT: I was saddened how the story ended.
2) The story touched on several key historical events, but also contained many items that maybe would be better gone over with a Mom or Dad. Nothing really bad, by today's standards, but some concepts that may need explained in more detail. But please don't let that take away from reading the ebook to your student, because as I said above it's a good read.
What this homeschool Momma liked about the Sacagawea "Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know" ebook.
1) I loved how the book was very educational but also held the students interest.
2) LOVED how the websites were SAFE and I felt comfortable allowing my student to surf the web using the provided links. (though the student can go elsewhere on the net through the safe links provided by Knowledge Quest, so please always monitor your students Internet activities. 
3) I thought that the age for the ebook was appropriate: 10 and over.
4) Great for learning history.
5) This ebook made for EASY learning! Especially as I have had a major surgery with complications, Sacagawea made for some QUIET & EASY school time that I needed during my recovery.
Things that this homeschool Momma did not like about the Sacagawea "Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know" ebook.
1) For younger kids it might be a little deep (such as when Sacagawea is in slavery)
2) You may want to read this with your younger more sensitive readers.
3) This is really a great ebook to take on the go with your Kindle, but you MUST have Wi-FI to get the links to work, you CAN still read the book without Wi-Fi though.
All in all I would say a good read and a fun way to learn.
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