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As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Review crew we were honored to be picked to review Computer Science For Kids computer programming software. We decided to try out Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basic. It's on sale until July 4th, so it's the perfect time to order now and be able to look through the E-book before your 2014-2015 school year starts in the fall.

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First off let me say that this homeschool Momma, is totally clueless when it comes to computers, I can type and send an email, but that is about it. Even when I was in college we did not have computers, I had an old Brother Typo Graph Typewriter for my college term

When we found our name attached to this review my son was jumping up and down and wanting to call his friends and invite them over to play with his Bible games that he was going to be making.

The software is designed for Middle School students, which I think was right on target for self directed learning, I believe that younger children would do well with parent directed learning while using Computer Science For Kids.

Before I give you our thoughts on Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basic, lets first talk about customer service. In this day and age, we hear so much about CUSTOMER NO SERVICE! As Clark Howard would say.  But in the case of Computer Science For Kids, the customer service was outstanding and I really do not think it had anything to do with us being on the TOS Review Crew. Philip Conrod (the author) was AMAZING and did not make me feel like a totally dork when I was clueless about how to get this set up on my computer. I had a major computer issue when I downloaded the software and everything seemed to go crazy on my computer. Philip emailed me a couple of times and then called me on the phone. He spent about 20+ minutes with me, walking me through a few things on my computer to see what the problem was. Well in the end the problem was with my computer, I did not have WinZip downloaded on my computer. So Philip stayed on the phone with me and walked me step by step on how to do that and he chatted easily with me while it was downloading. I think that he must have checked out my blog, because he chatted with me about adoption and how the Lord blessed them through adoption when they had not even considered adoption before. Their daughter brought up the subject and things fell into place and they added a little girl to their family through International adoption. Once WinZip got added to my computer the Computer Science For Kids software worked perfectly! We were blessed to have this really cool computer program to play with and I was blessed as an adoptive mom to hear the story of another adoptive family coming together.

So here is our review...
What the student liked...
1) It was fun!
2) It was easy!
3) I liked how you could do the programs & all the different variations.
4) I love the games!

What the student did not like...
1) Mom would not let me spend more time each day playing with this! lol. Ya know, I had other school work to complete.

What the homeschool Momma liked...
1) Easy to install (once I got the WinZip on board).
2) Simple for our son to understand and use.
3) AWESOME for me as a post-op homeschool Momma who spent her days during this review in a recliner recovering from having my Sigmoid Colon removed, an anastomotic leak and subsequent infection and 13 day hospital stay. This was a wonderful tool to get school moving along, so that my son could 'play' on the computer...hahaha...actually LEARN on the computer with  Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basic but it sure did not feel like learning, it was a fun time that he looked forward to each day.
4) This opened up a whole new world my son, this was all totally new to him.

Here is a sampling of what you get with the Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basic
  1. Noah’s Ark
  2. Daniel and the Lions’ Den
  3. Elijah and the Ravens
  4. The Good Shepherd
  5. The Prodigal Son
  6. The Lost Coin
  7. Bible Scramble

"The "learning programs" include a unit conversion program, savings calculator, a sub-sandwich builder, a cardwars game, a number guessing game, a state capitals game, a times table program, a stop watch, a simple drawing program, fun logic games and a fun video game. Finished programs can even be published on-line to share programs with others. " Quoted from the Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basic website.

Yes we would buy this and use it again, and guess what? It's on sale!! What homeschool Momma can pass up a sale on curriculum? Normally $59.99 it's on sale for $34.95. That is a savings of over $25.00!!! Hurry over and order now for the coming school year! A minimum of Windows XP is needed to run this and we used it on our Vista system. It takes about 10 weeks to complete, but if your child understands the material well, they can move through it at a faster pace. This product is for ages 10+.

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