Lone Star Learning Math Review

As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew, we were sent a set of the Lone Star Learning companies Target Vocabulary Pictures Math Set 1 flashcards. You can find these flashcards by clicking here lonestarlearning.com/ they come in two different sizes:
The Large cards measure 11″ x 8.5″ $34.99
The Small cards measure 5.5″ x 4.25″ $29.99
Grades 1st-8th

We were given the small cards to review. I think at first our 7th grader thought, "Oh, yeah! Flashcards! YIPPEE!" Well by the end of the review he was telling me that
"The Target Vocabulary Pictures Math set 1 flashcards would be great for high school students that needed a math review."

What we liked about the Target Vocabulary Pictures Math Set 1 5.5x4.25 size cards:

PERFECT size for homeschool use (the larger size would be great for classroom teachers)
GREAT for on the go use in the car.
FITS perfectly in purse or bag to use while waiting at appointments.
FUN to play with.
DOES not feel like we are doing school when we use the cards.
HIGH quality flashcards, I don't see these falling apart anytime soon, they are laminated.
GREAT for all ages, recommended for 3rd-8th grade, but could be used with 1st-12th grade.

What could be better about the
Target Vocabulary Pictures Math Set 1:

STORAGE there is no box to store these in. I actually think that I am going to hole punch each card and put it on a ring for easy storage.
PRICE since I have an only child, these were a bit out of my price range, ($29.99 for 57 flashcard) but they are WAY COOL and if I had the extra money in my budget I would buy them for the coolness and fun factor to help with teaching math terms! We both actually learned several new terms using these flashcards.
ANSWER SHEET was on just plain paper, it was not on a flashcard type of paper or laminated and it started looking pretty wrinkled up after just the first week of use. So I laminated it myself and it's holding up well that way.

Paper Answer Sheet
We had a lot of fun with this review and learned a lot, it's amazing how much you can learn when you see the word and then also see a picture of what the word is describing (cone and a picture of a cone). I would recommend these for any homeschooling family and even classroom teachers. We used these as flashcards for guessing, writing definitions and just general math review each day.
"Target Vocabulary Pictures Set 1 consists of math vocabulary presented visually to facilitate recall. Sets are not arranged by grade level. Please view sets to determine the appropriateness for your students."