Surgery update on my Mom

Mom had her surgery Jan. 23 everything went very well and she got out in 3 1/ 2 days, while I was enjoying my time at my grandpa's house.

On Monday the 28th she started having a high fever and chills the doctor thought it was a UTI so he sent her to the ER. She had a slight UTI , not enough to cause a fever. They did a CT Scan that showed air bubbles outside of her intestines so she has a infection at the site of the hook up.

Me and my mom at the hospital. I had to wear a mask to make sure she did not catch anything.

They called in a Infectious Disease Control doctor because of all of mom's allergies to find the right mix of antibiotics. She was in the hospital for 9 days on IV antibiotics and she has a PIC line and is now home on IV antibiotics twice a day. She is very weak and sleeps a lot.

Your continued prayers are appreciated by my family.