Life is a Wild Ride!

Wow, hard to believe that I was in the hospital in Dec 2012, Jan 2013 and Feb 2013. It just amazes me how time flies, I don't really even remember celebrating Christmas or New Years. It's all just a blur. I am sure thankful that my Lord and Savior sees things clearly.

I am actually feeling pretty well, sore of course, they were not able to do the procedure lapriscopically since I am short wasted, there was not enough room to work in there, so they had to do it the old fashioned way. So I have a C-section like cut (not as wide as a C-section, but same spot & no baby to show for it though :*( 
and then 2 other incisions. I mainly feel like I am bruised inside. I can be up for around 15 min or so and then I have to sit down to rest. Sitting is fine, driving has been fine, but it's when I try to expend any energy to talk or walk that I'm wiped out. I was told that even if I tried to push myself it would not work, my body would just shut Saw this happen yesterday when I let our son check out some library books and I fell asleep in a chair, then we went to pick up chicken feed and I ended up falling asleep while waiting in the car. Just a nice catnap of around 20 min perks me up. But then I have to rest again pretty quickly. Makes me think that this is how my mom must have felt when she was on Chemo  :O(

I saw this online and just had to put it on my blog! Thanks to all my special girlfriends who have called, texted or emailed me to perk me up over the last few months. You have all been great, even when I was too tired to talk back, I just laid in bed holding the phone listening to what was going on with your families. Thanks gals!

I am on an all protein diet since my protein is very low. For some reason my body is burning up muscle tissues and turning that into glucose to burn, instead of burning fat. Protein is NOT really what I want to eat when I'm sort of queasy still, but I'm working on it. I go see the endocrinologist next week about some stuff that they are looking into. Not sure what to expect there and they have talked of another surgery for that.

Otherwise things are going well, I'm enjoying being on The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew and getting to try and play with new homeschool curriculum, our chickens have started laying eggs again, which reminds me I can make some Meringue cookies (egg whites are full of protein!) for my new diet I have to follow for the time

Prayers would be appreciated for my guys, it's hard on them, and it drives me crazy that I can't do anything. If I load the washing machine I have to sit down before I can add soap and turn it If I unload the dishwasher I have to unload, sit, load, sit. It just stinks all the way around. And we are looking at the start of summer before this gets better.