How I Spent My Day & An Update On Me

After being in the hospital for 13 days (4 for surgery and then 9 for an infection after surgery) I got to know some of the staff and many of them had taken care of me both times I was in. I decided to fix up some treat bags for the staff that I could remember by name and also took a few large boxes of microwave popcorn for the rest of the staff. I would have made up more treat bags but many of the staff wore name badges backwards where you could not read their names :O(      So they missed out. My dear sister-in-law that is an RN brought in a big tray of cookies for the nurses one night during my stay. I was really shocked when I was walking down the hospital corridor when one of the nurses looked up and recognized me from a distance with street clothes on and a heavy coat. I've been out of the hospital since I think Feb 6th or 7th it's all a blur to me. She said "Well hello stranger!" That was a blessing to be recognized, again I NEVER felt like a number with this staff! As our son and I were leaving to head to the elevators I just cried, it is still very overwhelming to have gone through all this and to still be weak and not up to par.

The treat bags had gum, candy, suckers and chocolate in them, the black bag is special for one of the nurses that has Celiac Disease along with her children having it, so it's full of Hodgson Mill products and some other goodies. Hoping these treats are a blessing to them.

So our day started out like this I took our son to Chuck E Cheese since he had 90 tokens to use up from the past and present school year, I always check the coupon section of the website for when they have token specials, usually 100 tokens are $20 which those last a long time. I give them for doing well on math speed drills or pop quizzes. Sometimes if work is done really well with no complaints I will surprise him with 1 or 2 tokens. He keeps them in a baggie so he can just grab them when we are going to be near a Chuck E Cheese and he can spend them. Sometimes he likes to save them up and spend a few hours playing, other times he wants to run in and play a few games of Skee-Ball. Chuck E Cheese also has Chuck E Cheese Rewards Calendars that you can print out and get 10 free tokens for turning them in, they have chore charts, homework charts and more.

They now carry GLUTEN FREE PIZZA too!! It comes pre-made and individually wrapped, so you know it's SAFE! What a blessing for our little ones as well as adults. I do not know the corn status of the pizza, you would have to check that out. They also have a GREAT salad bar too.

So on to my day, while our son was playing games and having fun, I was sitting at a table packing up treat bags for the nursing staff and doctors. I found some Gospels of John at the Christian book store, but they only had 2 on hand  :O(     I gave one to my surgeon, his first name is Peter and I wrote in the book that I would have given him the book of Peter, but John was so much more exciting to read  ;-)

I was totally exhausted from my day of being out and about, plus I did not sleep but 2 hours the night before since I had to take a double dose of steroid meds for the blood test. I slept in the car on again off again. I had to be in town by 8am for a blood draw, slept for about 30 minutes in the car after that, went to the Christian book store, napped in the car for about 15 min, went to Chuck E Cheese, that was good since I was just sitting and not up and about. Then went to the grocery store, napped in the car for about 30 min after that and then delivered the goodies to 3 different places and napped in between those. This is all perfectly normal after having the surgery and then the infection. I should be back to normal by Summer. I actually feel pretty well, though if I over do it I KNOW IT! lol. I told my guys that I am not leaving the house for the next few days and will be sleeping as needed. I am still sore especially when I make the 100 mile trips to the doctors, and I did that 3 days in a row last week and I was hurting, felt like I was bruised on my entire torso from the bumpy roads.

We have some great products to review for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review Crew coming up so we will be working on those. School is going well, so glad that we skipped Christmas break so that our son could take a winter break while I had my surgery, it worked out well since I have had a longer recovery time. We started back to full time school this past week, while he was at Grandpa's house he dabbled in math, science, history and of course his favorite subject reading.

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