20% off Gluten Free Goodies!!

For a limited time, ALL Gluten Free products in the Hodgson Mill Store are 20% off. That's right: 20% off! At checkout, enter code GLUTENFREEDOM to get your discount. This is a great opportunity to try and enjoy the brand new Hodgson Mill Gluten Free CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES not sure if it's dairy free or not with the chocolate chips.

Head on over to the Hodgson Mill Blog to find this recipe to make Gluten Free Chocolate Tarts with Chocolate-Hazelnut Mousse for your gluten free sweetheart on Valentines Day!
What do I plan to buy with my 20% off?
Milled Flax Seed I use it in my peanut butter cookies, desserts and homemade breads, adds a nutty flavor and also fiber.
Gluten Free Seasoned Coating Mix,
I use these weekly in my home. The kids that visit
our home never know that the pasta or the chicken nuggets are gluten free, they just gobble it all right up!
Some of the products do contain corn so please read labels before buying.
p.s. I was just relaxing in the recliner getting my evening IV antibiotics and though of all my readers :O)