How to Tame Holiday Hassles?

Well here we are again, yet another holiday that is surrounded by food!! I do love the Christmas season because during that time my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.

But the food sometimes over shadows the Christmas parties and can make life difficult if we don't plan. Tonight was my husbands Christmas party at work. They had a wonderful party with lots of goodies and treats. I was in a hurry, failed to eat before we left and failed to bring anything with me to eat. A very BIG mistake if you want to relax and enjoy the party. I was starved through most of the party, of course I was not hungry until I started smelling all those goodies.
Below you will find Moe's Tips to Tame Holiday Hassles

Don't start to melt over all those goodies!

Moe's Tips to Tame Holiday Hassles
#1 Don't go to a Christmas party hungry
#2 Don't eat or drink ANYTHING that is not safe for you, not even a nibble!!
#3 Pack a bottled water
#4 Pack sweet snacks
#5 Pack salty snacks
#6 Enjoy the conversation & the people
#7 Relax
#8 Have fun
#9 When your husband is speaking to others, show interest in what he says.
#10 Remember the reason for the season, the birth of our Savior.

If you are not familiar with the history of the birth of Jesus Christ, you can read about it in the Bible in Luke chapter 2.

Slow down & enjoy your family this month.