What have I been up to?

Well here is what I've been up to since September 9th. Hopping around on crutches and waiting for my Ortho doctor visit. I found out today that I broke my foot (in a hard to heal spot :O( no wonder I've been in so much pain for almost a month! The doctor looked at the X-ray, looked at my foot and then looked at me and said "You've been walking on this?" lol........yes, I have! lol. What else could I do? Sit and do nothing?

My dear husband painted my toes so that I could have pretty feet (ok, I'm not saying my feet are pretty enough to model sandals........lol) in my ugly blue cast, I wanted a purple cast, but they had run out of that color today. I go back at the end of the month for a recheck to see how it's healing. I'm not doing real well in the area of crutches, hubby keeps saying "Go, Go Gadget legs" lol.