What is a Workbox?

Now that back to school is in full swing for most of us. I get asked questions about how I handle homeschool organization. Well here goes. WORKBOXES!! Love the idea but I refused to pay the high prices for the actual Workbox system. So off to Hobby Lobby I went with 40% off coupons in hand. I bought these bins and they have worked well for us for a few years. And so why change a good thing! Plus having a small home it works great in keeping clutter down and things in their place.
I used my Cricut machine to label each drawer. I like to have about 6 weeks of material ready to go (I know in a dream world that always happens....lol). Things are in a disarray around here right now as we started school and then our son's birthfamily came to visit for 5 days, so we had vacation time from school. I'm needing to get a planning day together and get organized.

Each drawer in my workbox system contains what is needed for each subject. That way things are NOT strewn about the house. (I'm learning a lot of things from reading the Too Much Stuff book by Kathryn Porter). Once Science is done, it goes back in the science drawer or math, it goes right back in the math drawer. If I'm sick or I have to be gone for the day, it's all right there. No comments like "I can't find my history book." "I can't find my math test." It's all right there in the drawer. The 3 middle size drawers to the left of my Workbox system contain flashcards & class games, craft supplies are in the 2 bottom ones. The smaller set of drawers to the left of those contain packages of pens, pencils, markers, sticky notes (anyone else have an obsession with sticky notes? I lol........I have like 10 million pads of those crazy things!).

So that my friends is my Workbox system. Works for us and we love it! Share what works for you!
Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!