Pizzelle Cookies: gluten & corn free!

I did some cooking yesterday, I found some Gluten Free Bisquick at our local salvage store for $2.49: that is a BARGIN! It's almost $5.00 a box at our grocery store. I found the Pizzelle recipe on the ezgf blogspot checkout her other great recipes too.

 One of my favorite cookies before being diagnosed were Pizzelle. They are light, crisp Italian cookies that are just delightful. You can flavor them however you like. I have a Pizzelle make that I bought from Taste Of Home, it makes Pizzelles, waffles and filled sandwiches. I made some rolled up cannoli shells, flat cookies and some dessert shells (add ice cream or fruit to them for a pretty dessert). You can also shape them into ice cream cones. 

These tasted really good, I would say about 98% of what I remember from the gluten kind  :O)