Come see what I made during my mental health day!

I was wanting to spruce up our school room and with the recent discussions about Workboxes, I thought I would start there. So I decided to get out my Cricut machine and goof around a bit on my mental health day. is what I made.

I used the Locker Talk Cricut Cartridge and laminated the items that I made. These were very easy to make. Here are a few close up shots.

Here is our pencil, ink pen/marker and Post-It Note bins.

The infamous Post-It Note  My guys won't let me live this one down!

 Our reading & language bin, DS says we need to change this to Literature this year since he is in Junior High now.....we shall see about that  ;O)

 As I read through the Too Much Stuff book from author Kathryn Porter I have come to realize that I have some clutter issues, one that I found was POST-IT Notes, I have about 15,000 sheets of Post-It Notes. I got them on sale one time and thought, I would use them. So lets just say I have a drawer full. I will post a picture with my book review next week. Back to the Workboxes, I had a lot of fun making these and the mental health days was good for me. I spent the afternoon listening to homeschool convention tapes (yes cassette tapes, I borrowed from a friend, but the information was still very relevant.)

Hubby was pretty impressed with these new Workbox labels, he says it makes me a better mom when I take some time for me on occasion.
Take some time for you and have some fun this weekend!