10 Ways to Make Your Homeschool Day Run Smoothly

10 ways to make your homeschool day run smoothly was a blog post that I really needed to read! I hope that you will check it out also. So many simple things to do, yet we get wrapped up in other things and we don't do these 10 simple things. I can think of a few others that would work for me if I kept up on them. I'll give you 5 of my best to go along with the 10 from The Homeschool Classroom

1. Go to bed early.

2. Keep a running shopping list so I don't have to run to town for something each day.

3. Read over the Science lessons a month in advance so that supplies can be ordered and ready for experiments.

4. Do not over schedule, it's called homeschooling and not carschooling!! It's so easy to want to join everything and do everything. And to socialize our child.......LOL. Read Rick Boyer's book The Socialization Trap.

5. If you struggle in teaching a certain subject, look ahead and consult with someone who is in the know. Pray about this, we did this with Math. I'm not real great with Math, but the Lord has provided a good friend that has a masters degree in Math and another friend is a public school Math teacher.

Yes, the Lord provides just what we need when we need it. Philippians 4:19 " But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."