What is going on? What are you reading?

We have been enjoying a much over due visit with my mother. She has been enjoying some time spent with friends that she has made here, attending a widow's group and visiting with her grandson and granddog. Here she is crocheting with the dog. LOL.....caught the dog yawning, she was ready to hunker down for a nap next to Grandma. The Snoopy t-shirt is from granddaughter Kimberley.

I am in the middle of reading a book for a blog review, (the author sent me a copy of the book to read and review) I'm on chapter 4 and getting a lot out of the book. It's Children In Church by Curt Lovelace and Sandra Lovelace. Our 11 year old has been reading it also and it's opening up some discussion. A few words he had to look up in the dictionary, but he is talking about how this will affect how he raises his own children. It's NEVER to early to discuss how to put things in perspective in regards to our children's future. Even now be praying for your future son-in-law or daughter-in-law that his/her parents will be raising him/her up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. More to come on this book in future days. For more info or to purchase the book Children In Church contact WWW.ChildrenInChurch.org. The book is published by Great Waters Press.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!