Happy Mother's Day!!

I like to enjoy a nice long nap on Mother's Day! But I am spending the day cooking some of my favorites to have on hand so that I can enjoy every day and not have to freak out trying to find some gluten free and corn free food when I am hungry. So this is a fine Mother's Day to me. Our son got me a wonderful card that says "Thank you Mom......listening, loving, caring, laughing, teaching, sharing, answering, asking........for all the ways you help me GROW. Happy Mother's Day."  How sweet of him to pick a card with all those sentiments even though he spends 24/7 with me and I know I fail each and every day as a sinful mother. I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father who sent His son Jesus to this earth to take away my sins and to teach me through His Word, the Holy Bible, to be more of a godly wife and mother each day.