Just sharing..........

Where are your priorities? This blog post that is in this link from a fellow blogger over at http://peacecreekontheprairie.com is an interesting thought.

I'm enjoy blogging and getting comments, but I try not to allow it to run my life. The Internet is very easy to get sucked into. Seems like a time waster that Satan allows us to use. Sometimes a good tool and most often a time waster.

Please think on your Internet usage and think about if you need more face time with your kids and less screen time? I know we watch how much screen time our kids get, but what about the screen time that mom and dad get?

I've had some days where I am online a lot, looking for ways to find corn free, gluten free, yet I have a gazillion recipes that I could be using. I think I am going to stop looking for recipes and try using what I have on hand.

What do you think?