Home School Conventions here we come!

Home School Conventions here we come! Now is the time of year to attend a homeschool convention. Get yourself ready for next school year! If you are thinking of home educating your children now is the time to get some good info. Check out this link about how to be organized while attending a convention. the convention notebook

Here are my tips for attending a convention.

Bring about $100 of spending $ and that is all! You can always order things when you get back home. Don't get caught spending tons of money on impulse. Take home catalogs and think things through before buying. Most vendors will give you free shipping the week after the convention if you ask them. Bring a notebook, pens, snacks/drinks and a heavy duty bag to carry all the catalogs in. Wear good shoes for lots of walking. Go early and stay late for the vendor hall, if there is a time slot for classes you are not interested in, hit the vendor hall and walk around. Hit EVERY booth before you buy, since some booths sell the same items at DIFFERENT costs :O) Write down what you find to buy and the booth number so you can go back and find it. Also hit up the used book booths, great stuff is found hidden there. But a set of the convention CD's or MP3's of all the sessions, they are great to listen to through the school year when you feel like giving up. And you can also listen to the classes that you missed out on. Enjoy yourself, conferences are so refreshing!

Post if you get to attend one. This is not looking like a good year for us to attend, I've got something planned every date of a local convention.