Growing, Growing, Growing!!

One week ago today we planted our garden seeds in our little planters and they are really growing! WOW!!  Even our store bought broccoli and lettuce plants have been revived after the chickens feasted on them last week.

We have carrots, zucchini, pole beans, bush beans, cantaloupe, snow peas, lettuce, spinach, beets,  and maybe something else? I can't remember. We usually do pretty well but then around mid season we get behind on the weeds  :O(    So our goal this year is to go out and weed a little bit each day. With my mother coming to visit that should be easy, she will sit outside and visit with us while our son and I weed.

Weeds in the garden are like sin in our lives, we let a little bit go, like daily devotions, prayer meeting, Sunday night service or heeding the call of the Holy Spirit to do something, and then it snowballs. A little sin here, a little sin there and before you know it you are entangled in some nasty foliage. Daily seek the Father for forgiveness of sins big and small.

I got some heirloom seeds this year, so can't wait to see how those turn out. It's so exciting to see the plant growth from day to day. I am going to have our son keep a notebook on the changes that he sees in them. Penmanship & spelling work.

What are you plating in your garden this year?

Have a wonderful rest of the week.