My dream book shelf

We added on to our home a few years ago and during that time our builder needed to remove a pair of windows from our dining room, since he was adding a bedroom to the other side of the windows. I asked the builder if he could put book cases/shelves in the spot that the windows had been. He looked at me like I was an alien, but said sure. We love them!!! Our son and I were jumping up and down at the handy work of the builder when he built them and installed them. Again the builder looked at us like we were aliens. He came back the next day and we had the bookcases filled to the brim, lol. We did not even wait to have them painted, I think this summer I will get them painted. Here is a picture of our new book shelves for our dinning room/school room.

This works so well for our school room!! Yes, of course I could use 10 more of these in my It helps us make more floor space in that we don't have Rough Totes full of school books. Our whiteboard is right next to it and it works so well. It's even deep enough for us to have those Sterilte drawers sitting in it.

Share a picture of a neat and fun nook you have in your house. Our builder also built some shelves into our new bedroom using some deep space in the old wall.

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