Pantry Challenge Day 7

Had to do a bit of grocery shopping. Went to Mejiers (Chorus of Angels shopped the produce, I think it's the lighting in that place! I could go broke shopping the produce section in that store. It's like the Garden of Eden in there! lol. They had those huge deli trays of cut of veggies & dip on clearance for $3.50, I bought one and my guys have gobbled it up. I got a few carrots, 1 piece of cauliflower and a few pieces of broccoli. I normally don't buy those trays, but the regular price was $7.99 so I snatched one up. I also bought some apples, mushrooms, eggs (we like store bought hard boiled eggs, better than our fresh eggs from our ranch, they are very hard to peel since they are so fresh) fresh green beans, cantaloupe (threw it away, it was very sour and cost me $2.99), bananas, almond milk and regular milk, kiwis, cherries ($2.99 lbs could not pass those up!), carrots and a case of Pepsi (cheaper for me to buy it, than for Dh to get it out of a machine at work. So this week I spent $33.31 on groceries this week for 3 people. I don't think that was too bad at all.
How did you do?