Pantry Challenge Day 5

I thought I would share some pictures of my I have a few.
First here is my stash of food that sits above my washer & dryer.
This is my NON gluten free stash of things that I need to use up.
My top of the refrigerator stash......ignore the dust up there! I'm too short to see it, so I don't dust if often :O)
My Lazy-Susan cabinet or better known as "The finger pinching spinner thing" to my toddler son back in the day. lol. Yes I have a ton of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce because the Amish salvage store has it for like .95¢ per bottle and the expiration date is 2013. YUM!
For some reason the server is rejecting my final picture, which is of a tiny cabinet that my Dh and Ds have munchies & snacks stored in. It's not real large, but it has Ritz Crackers, hot cocoa packets and stuff like that in it.
Feel free to share your stash photos with us. I've not even ventured to take pictures of the freezers Maybe next week.
Happy frugal cooking this month.