We had a wonderful time last night, I spent the evening scrapbooking with our son, he worked on his camp pictures and I worked on his 6th birthday pictures. Around 11:00pm we both decided that we were tired and so we cleaned up our area and headed off to the living room to snuggle up and read. Dad was putting in some overtime at work so he missed out on the fun. But I packed him up some goodies in his dinner, bacon wrapped green olives, deviled eggs and some special Munchies chips.

Today we vegged out, I did a bunch of cooking and our son fell asleep on the couch from 1pm-5pm lol.....so a quiet day all the way around. I spent some time going over things for the next semester, since I may be facing a major surgery, I needed to look some things over and plan ahead.

Heard an interesting thought on Christian radio this week, it talked about waiting on God and how we need to look at it as "a waiting room experience", thought that was pretty neat. So as I wait for my medical tests at the end of January, I can just sit back relax in the GREAT physicians waiting room, it really removed some stress for me.

As you take down your Christmas decorations and pack them away, don't pack away Jesus, keep Him out this year and enjoy fellowship with Him each and every day.

Thanks for spending 2011 with me as we learned about raising chickens, butchered chickens, became gluten free, waited on the Lord, learned more from the Lord, looked through the Word of God and home educated.