Food Cravings ~ Challenge Day 14

I sent hubby out to the grocery store, he is a real winner in the area of shopping!! Give him a list and that is ALL that he will buy. Give me a list and I come out with a cart full.

2% milk $2.15 1/2 gallon (YIKES!! I remember when a gallon of milk was just $1.99 at Aldi!!)
high fiber wheat bread $4.19 on sale for $3.49
2# bag of rice crisp cereal $3.59
golden rasins $3.29 flour
$2.19 Mrs. Dash $2.99 (could have done without this, but the doctor wants me on a low-sodium diet as of last week.....I'm falling apart and I caved in and bought something for ME!!).

So this week I spent a grand total of $17.78 + $33.31 from last week = $51.09 for the month.
I do know that I am going to spend some $$ this coming week since boneless pork loins are on sale for $1.99 lb (whole or sliced for free) and I plan on getting a few of those for the freezer otherwise I think we are good to go shopping from the pantry and the freezer some more.

Come on and share what you have bought for you this week during the pantry challenge.

Have a wonderful week!